2008: A Blog Year in Review

Two more days and 2008 will end. And couple more hours from now, I’d be functioning as a daddy and being Hobbes* again. So I’m thinking, why not grab these wee hours of the morning, while both wifey and baby are sleeping soundly, to review what has happened to this blog and the events that inspired it.

I made a run-through of the posts I did since January to date, and so far I killed time 79 times this year—79 posts overall. Like photographers, bands, singers, writers, and bloggers, each has their own favorites in their portfolio which when reviewed over and over again affirms that one has indeed performed a good job somehow. The opposite of which are those footprints that will come to haunt like a sequel to a previous nightmare.

As any other self-respecting person would do, I will list only my favorite posts for this year and here they are in order of posting date (starting from January to December).

1000 Kilometers, 1 B-Movie, 3 Coffee. I wrote this blog for the first time from our company’s (after my shift, FYI) parking lot while waiting for wifey and while trying to compose it with the draining battery of my old, yet trusty T42 IBM laptop.

2008: Year of Change?. A start of the year reflection on what has hap- pened and things that may yet to come.

We Could Steal Cars. Not well composed, but this reminds me of the time when my wife and I spent several hours lock picking our brand new Honda during a gas stop to Clark.

The Rock Star in Me. Any fictitious story coming true is worth writing. This is my first Arnel Pineda blog. And by the way, this is the most read (or clicked) – it registered 394 views to date.

Rio and Gino. Almost landed a writing job for an automotive site but unfortunately, the auto financing subject caught me unguarded—reason why I haven’t heard from the forum folks anymore.

Ship is Sinking II. Another blog sequel but which I find better than the first because the “sinking” here is more imminent.

House For Sale?  My eBay venture blog. I learned a lot from it and have sold several items thru the internet.

Something Looks Familiar. An F1 related post inspired by a familiar corporate logo which contains one of the historic events during this year’s season.

Back on 2 Wheels. One of the things I did this year to save on gas is to have a motorcycle in July. I now bring it to work every chance I can.

Heroes Wanted: Dead or Alive. The truth is, I’m one of those who has the hatred and shame of being a Filipino but is constantly thinking how I can do my own part to get out of that sentiment. So when the “I am Ninoy” movement came out, I eagerly gave it a chance to sink in.

We’re Moving Out. Despite my low emotional state, this blog is one of my wackiest compositions.

Photo Loco. Inspired after attending a basic photography class, the photo enthusiast in me kicked in. I posted several shots that got some compliments from other friends who are also into photography. A couple of related blogs followed next.

We Are Now Parents. An early Christmas gift for us. We now have a baby.

Ghost Sightings. My first post written while in wifey’s place in Batangas. This is also when I started using the “Honks!” scale in my blogs.

Changes and Transitions. This is what this year is all about.

Filipino Pride. This is one of those days when the news all over the country is that crime has ceased to exist – at least every time Manny Pacquiao is up on the ring to fight.

Next year will be another blogging year and I’m hoping that I’ll do more and better blogs. If there are things I’d like to have for me to continue doing so, these will be time, inspiration and wisdom. Oh by the way, I’d like to get paid as well. Hahaha.

*I was wondering why my wife’s been calling me Hobbes, but then I figure it’s better than hubby so let it be.


Mood: 2/10 Honks!



Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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