IKEA, for real

“Meatballs to die for”, “best meatballs I ever had”, and “I’d line up for hours for IKEA’s meatballs” are just a few of so many testimonials I have read since the biggest IKEA opened here in the Philippines. So off we go for the second time to IKEA. Take note, second time.

If there’s something the three of us could be proud of is the very fact that we are probably the first customers to set foot at IKEA Philippines . Yes, July 2018 we were there, absentmindedly, immediately after I read in the papers about the Swedish brand opening in our country just to later realize I missed the part where it’s building was just being constructed. That booboo felt like sitting on an IKEA stool with one leg completed. Proud but embarrassed about the experience.

Yesterday we finally made it for real. We made it inside IKEA’s famous restaurant and eagerly lined up for the meatballs—actually skipped a long one because we got ushered to the priority lane for kids, seniors, and PWD. Wifey also got us spring rolls, baked salmon, carrot cake, and chocolate cake. On my count most customers did have Swedish meatballs on their trays.

So was the meatballs worth the two-hour trip? Hate to disappoint but personally it wasn’t. I have tasted better meatballs and wifey can even do a much tastier version. And take my word, skip the baked salmon too—its sauce was bland. I liked the spring rolls and the cakes a lot better. Coffee was strong and it’s free refill so it made up for the meatballs.

Lunch at IKEA.


IKEA was crowded on a Saturday. It’s like Baclaran with overwhelming pricey stuff. I feel like everyone was there just because everyone was there. If ain’t for the masks, it was as if COVID-19 never ever happened.


Last time I drove up the Skyway going to the airport was January 2020 before the pandemic and I was on my trip to Kansas. I was back a week after and by then was driving back late at night with me anxiously wanting to reach home because Taal erupted. And yesterday by coincidence, just before we left home for IKEA we received an alert from NDRRMC about Taal erupting and being on level 3 again. As of this writing we haven’t gotten any SMS alerts except one at 4 AM. Since then it’s been calm at least from where we are at.


In the midst of the pandemic this current administration continues its Build Build Build initiatives and among of which is the Skyway extension that starts just before Alabang. Yesterday we passed there on our way to IKEA and it did cut travel time by almost 30 minutes to an hour. Going back was likewise a breeze because this time we skipped the congested SLEX and exited past Alabang. Isn’t it good to see where our taxes go—well, at least some of it.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Long weekend)


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