Filipino Pride

This is another time I will deviate from my blog rule of not jumping to the bandwagon. I’m so sure that after watching the boxing match between the Golden Boy and the Pacman, the internet is abuzz with the result of the recently concluded match. I can count right now things that boxing enthusiasts might be doing at this very moment—there are just two.

Some might still be reeling from the unbelievable (yet, predictable somehow) ending of the De La Hoya and Pacquiao fight. Mexicans in general I’m sure are disappointed that another of their boxing hero has fallen into the hands of the Filipino sensation and needless to say, most Filipinos are celebrating another victory that our homegrown hero, Manny Pacquiao, has once again stood against all odds and let his hands do the talking inside the famous MGM arena.

On the other hand, there might be another good thing that I’m quite sure of is that whatever camp one is in, and either one is celebrating or lamenting, the chances of being with a beer and a couple of friends to be with is just high. Unfortunately, I’m in no position to be in that kind of scenario right now. I wouldn’t trade any celebration besides one at home with my wife and baby and watch the fight live on TV courtesy of our Barzaga friends – Congressman Pidi and Mayor Jenny.

Efforts by Barzaga
Another “effort” from our Congressman, Pidi and wife, Mayor Jenny Barzaga.

I realized that this is the second time in a row I’ve enjoyed watching live boxing feed (last one was between Pacquiao and Morales) and both of which were sponsored by these friends. I can’t seem to think what to make out of it  except to enjoy the free live feed, as the efforts of our friends don’t actually come free after all. I know for a fact that to watch this match live means that some sort of amount of money had to be shed. And that money might have been spared at the expense of our town’s road improvement and/or maintenance. It’s pathetic, but then again who knows Dasmarinas will produce more Filipino pride whom our baby will be cheering for when he eventually gets to appreciate the sports of boxing.

So while I can’t have any influence yet on how our town’s budget is spent, I just might as well enjoy what is presently being celebrated by millions of Filipinos worldwide. Manny, you’re the man! You’re indeed aFilipino pride.

Small boxing fan
Big and small boxing fans (Taken just before the Golden Boy called it quits.)


Mood: 1/10 Honks!

Postscript: It’s a coincidence, but I clicked my mouse to Arnel Pineda’s album in my My Music folder while drafting this blog. I’m thankful, that there’s another Filipino pride other than Manny. Lastly, another one I can think of right now is another singer Charice Pempengco (did I get the spelling right?). At least, I got three on my list. Ti abi.



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