Marcus’ Playlist

In January 2013 I started writing Marcus’ favorite songs on this page as he continues to fascinate us with his music choices. For one, we find it funny that he likes Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes and Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic. I will be updating this list every now and then.

*Apple Pen. Looks like every generation would have their own William Hung, someone who would be seemingly irrelevant and annoying to some but would capture the hearts of the others. Case in point the person behind this short viral song. I posted a video of Marcus singing it and I have my biased opinion only a parent understands.

*Bebot. I have just measured that it takes five repeats of this track from home to Marcus’s school. Yes, this 2nd week of August 2015 this BEP song earns its separate mention on this page. This is his first favorite Filipino song.

*Ben 10’s theme song. I have heard this song several times but I still think that it sounds Korean.

*Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. We have always suspected that Marcus was from another period based in his fondness of songs way older than him. So far he has not been saying hoo haa, hee hee.

*Blue suede shoes by Elvis Presley. Time first heard unknown. We heard him sing along to this song as it plays on wifey’s phone.

*Can’t hold us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Fascinated by the Halo games Marcus found an action montage on featuring this song. A couple of months after he started watching this video he got his own original game courtesy of the Lawsons in the US from their packaged received on January 2, 2015.

*Can’t stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake. Marcus can now read lyrics and sing most of it. This must be one of the songs he can sing most of the lyrics. And despite unable to stand, he dances with this song too.

*Centerfold by J. Geils Band. We are starting to believe that Marcus was once a boy who lived another life in the ’80s and proof of it are his choice of music. He heard this song once from one my CDs in my car–I usually skip this as I am not a big fan of the song–and since weeks ago has replaced The Chipmunks’ Frosty the Snowman. The problem with this is that he is interested to see the video of this song and imagine searching youtube with the keyword centerfold. We are now keeping a close watch of his youtube history.

*Come with me by Puff Daddy. We were watching the closing credit of Spider-man when he started dancing along with this music. We viewed its YouTube video several times more after that overnight stay at Holiday Inn Galeria on June 2012.

*Danger zone by Kenny Loggins. The CD I treasure the most has been at the mercy of Marcus just because of this one Top Gun soundtrack. I bought this CD from Wisconsin in 2005.

*Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The second entry in this list for this same artist. Marcus wants a copy if this album but having heard the other Macklemore songs he’s not getting one for now.

*Elephunk album by Black Eyed Peas. Yes, almost every song in this album is his fave. This is where he got introduced to the word “stupid”, thanks but no thanks to its track “Let’s get retarded.”

*Gangnam style. Yes, we were part of those who made this popular Korean song reach its 1 Billion viewers.

*GTO by Lyle Lovett. Marcus once made our RV DVD reside in our old Pioneer home theater and this track from the Robin Williams movie got stuck in our heads along the process. There was a time when the only non-nursery song on Marcus’ playlist is GTO.

*I don’t care by Iconica. Stepping up from the PC game to its XBox version, Marcus, almost 7 years old, proves his love of high speed car chases and the mayhem that goes along with it. This hit is one of his faves among the game’s soundtrack and it has helped him get pumped up to achieve notorious status in NFS America’s Most Wanted as he purposedly slams and/or grinds Porsche 911, SLS Amg, and Aston Martin cars–to name a few–with utter disregard of the law in the comforts of our cat-ravaged sofa.

*Intergalactic by Beastie Boys. First heard sometime last year while parking at Solenad, Nuvali. He (and then I) threw a bad tantrum that afternoon.

*Just Gold by MandoPony. Unless you have been around kids you would never have heard of this song. This is as freaky as the game it is associated with–Friday Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF). It amazes me that this scary game is popular with kids nowadays. I asked Marcus’ classmates once if they know FNAF and I got a resounding yes. Even his cousins play this. Kids nowadays are weird.

*Kids in America by Kim Wilde. On Jan 2016 while on our road trip down south, Marcus discovered one of my classic cds and played this song over and over. It seems like a fitting song for what would soon come to reality by him being able to set foot on American soil. Today, almost two months after, the cd wasn’t played on our way to the embassy but he’ll soon be singing this song sometime in December.

*Mr. Payong. This is the second Filipino song that will be included in this list after Bebot but this is the first entry coming from an TV ad jingle. A parody of the song Mr. Suave popularized by Vhong Navarro in 2003, the Tide laundry detergent TV commercial has obviously stuck into Marcus’ brain and almost everyday this August 2016 he would sing the line “…ako si Mr. Payong, walang takot sa putik...” and his other versions of it. He has also saved a copy of this TV commercial’s video among his YouTube favorites.

*Mr. Sun by Barney. He gets excited every time he hears this when he was still a baby. And this is probably the first song I sang in public in an attempt to make him sleep — it was embarrassing but I succeeded.

*Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley.  One of the hardest to include here. But believe it or not–stress on believe it, I do not have any influence on this. Never gonna give you…I mean never ever. For some reason one of the guys on YouTube made a montage of the game Call of Duty using this song as a background. This guy shouldn’t reach heaven for making this song among Marcus’ favorites in 2017.

*Party rock anthem by LMFAO. One of the most used CDs inside the car.

*Platypus dance. He used to dance along with this song from Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb show. Dance move became viral early 2012. (He just made it clear that this isn’t his fave anymore. 01/13/13)

*Rock lobster by B52. First heard (2012) while on our way home from school. Radio station was playing Friday Madness songs.

*Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack. This is the second album on this list. At any time this gets inserted in our car’s stereo which is when Snow Patrol’s Signal Fire, Killers’ Move Away, Chubby Checkers’ The Twist and all the others songs from this movie would fill the background like annoying spider webs.

*Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. “Wake up, we need to make money” is a line from this song that Marcus finds funny plus its music video is equally entertaining. Then I told him that this band has more songs with interesting lyrics so I introduced him to the song Car Radio. His next YouTube searches about this band made him also discover Heathens which happens to be one of the most played on FM radio when we were in the US. He liked this band so much that I searched for it in Fry’s Sacramento; wifey looked for it in Barnes and Noble; and  we also checked Odyssey in Festival Mall. All of these turned up zero so we’re catching these songs online. (Jan 2017)

*The weekend whip by The Fold. This one competes for memory space in his mommy’s cellphone against Ben 10’s theme song. I still have to decide if this Lego Ninjago song is his summer of 2013 song.

**Born to be a ninja (Ninjago song) by The Fold. Complementing the weekend whip is another song by the same artist. These two songs can transform Marcus from plain brat to master of spinjitsu in seconds. And despite the lack of Ninja equipment, his plastic golf clubs and wifey’s foldable fans have come handy as effective weapons of house destruction.

*Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.  Having gotten bored by his Disney movies DVDs, we played Will Smith’s I Am Legend one Sunday morning. Other than this scene where Dr. Neville gives his German Shepherd, Sam, a bath, Marcus seems to have immediately liked this Bob Marley track. He loved it so much that it became his bedtime music this 2nd week of November 2013. I’d like to believe that its lyric “’cause every little thing gonna be alright” will indeed be true.

*Uptown funk by Bruno Mars. After days of hearing Marcus sing the line “…don’t believe just watch…” over and over, wifey finally found the title of the song. Our 6-year old is turning funky.

*Victorious by Panic! At the Disco. Marcus is starting to sing more frequently and whenever this song plays, he’ll try to sing along. This past weeks since late Feb. 2016 he has played the CDs less so he could catch this song on FM. This by the way is one of the songs, he claims, that Batman likes.


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