Empty. Wallet.

I plan to attend Halloween parties as an empty wallet. I’d be the scariest.


This is me today. (Image from the web.)


Almost had a panic attack when I discovered that marcuscanblog.com is not available anymore. Apparently, WordPress went ahead of its expiry deadline and stopped my domain mapping subscription weeks before April 29, 2014. Left with no choice I have just let go of $13 and was able to recover my custom domain. Whew!

Tomorrow I will try to write again. Sounds like a plan.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Missing wifey and Marcus.)

What is Intel Culture?

My tweet got favorited and it deserves a spot on this blog:

Jobs at Intel favorited your Tweet
23 Nov:

[CrisIs73] Where only the paranoid survive? “@JobsatIntel: “What do you think Intel’s organizational culture is like? #intelculture
Not an ordinary Sunday: Someone dropping by later to buy my 3-year old treadmill, Pacman vs. Rios fight, and wifey’s about to be discharged from the hospital. Something in me wishes that she gets out after the boxing match–the room’s got cable TV.