I bought a Porsche

A friend on facebook bought a Ford Escape. I haven’t told them that I bought a Porsche and haven’t used it until now. (Petron’s promo is heaven sent.)


Shell this time is facing stiff competition as Petron has its own promo that will attract little boys in the backseat and will confuse dads like me on whether to fill up from the one gas station or the other.

Shell has been giving away Ferrari merchandise for years and this year has Ferrari  Lego items that will be available only until November 30. Anyone with a P1500 receipt (one-time purchase or accumulated) can claim one of its six (6) Ferrari Lego collectibles or one of three (3) figures. Price range is P140-180 depending on the fuel (or oil product) variant that was availed. I already got the F1 model and has been in the hands of Marcus.

On the other hand, Petron has a cheaper deal. For just P1000 (also one-time purchase or accumulated), anyone can already get scale models of Porsche cars for only P180 each. What makes it more attractive is that their promo runs until January 31, 2013. I won’t be surprised therefore if Shell will either extend theirs or will sooner sell the Ferrari Legos at a marked down price just like what it did with their other Ferrari merchandise years ago.

I already got the Porsche Cayman but has kept it away from my son as I made a deal with him that he should improve on his writing subject or forget about getting another Ferrari or Porsche. (Shhh. It’s 1045 AM and he just woke up. Got to play.)


My Own Share of Driver’s Bad Luck

Drive home this morning was eventful. Firstly, I arrived at the toll area with a truck that has just slammed into the opposite toll gate’s concrete barriers and its driver, who appears drunk or sleepy, still arguing with the authorities as if they’re the ones at fault. Then unknowingly I lined up behind someone who, according to the security guard, picked the wrong exit to enter (have you ever realized that either way, a toll gate is always called an EXIT?) and refuses to move out thus requiring me reverse back to transfer to another gate (I have this habit of not tailgating so I was out real quick) . And as if to share the misfortunes of the others, my headlights conked out while I was waiting my turn to cross an intersection — thankfully, dawn is already breaking that time. Ti abi. Not call center TGIF day.


I searched the web and found a good DIY link that could help me save P4,000 in headlight switch replacement — parts and labor. I’ll find out later.


“…and those who own BMWs.” (I was telling wifey about the three people in this world: the poor, the rich, and the contented when a shiny brand new bimmer passed by. Talk about distraction during a financial discussion.)


This is my first post in Status format.