Picked a chair

Red wheel.

This must be the most striking Your Memories On Facebook picture I’d ever have. This was three years ago today when we picked Marcus’ red wheelchair in Festival Mall. He can still stand and walk back then. Time flies, time sucks.


Mood: 6/10 Honks! (What the future holds.)


Born With A _ _ _ _ _ _ Spoon

Marcus and I wish it’s silver. Who has never wished we were born rich anyway? Money is attractive so admit it or not everyone else at some point dreamt that they have cash and assets readily available at their own disposal.

As Marcus grows older the more he understands the value of money and his plans to have it are rather amusing. He has plans for my career, he has dreams of winning the lotto. He would also ask if we can afford a toy or not and he would freak out if he learns we spent money. He’s funny.

Born to Purr-form

Our car isn’t going in any showroom soon. Not even in any car club’s show and tell EB. The current state of it’s exterior has obviously seen better days. Thanks to our resident cats. Shown here is one those that always grabs the opportunity to make our car their siesta spot and scratching post.

The car still gets us to places though. Yesterday we almost didn’t make it to our flight to Bacolod after an accident somewhere near Alabang had us moving in a crawling pace for almost an hour. I went maximum legal speed the moment we cleared the area and thankfully made it to Park ‘N Fly then to the airport. Our names were on PA just when we passed through the X-Ray machine. That close.

Happy to be singing we are flying on an airplane.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Attending a wedding later. Free food.)