Special Lane

Never occurred to me that seven years later we would be using such special lane again. 

Somewhere in Dasmari├▒as.


Mood: 1/10 Honks! (Recorded my first 6K run.)


Goodbye Old Pal

After several attempts to sell the bike and ditching online hagglers, I found one whom I finally sold my bike to. It wasn’t the price I wanted to but to learn it’s going to be used by an excited young boy seems worth the wait. So there goes a significant piece from my young, free, and reckless days. BMX bike no more.

Shined it for the last time today.

Car Crash

My wife couldn’t help but still prepare a simple celebration for being a year here in our new house. She had spaghetti. And Marcus had his cousin as our one and only visitor–the same kid who stayed with us for days a couple of years ago back in Cavite. It’s one of the rare days Marcus would be with someone his age at home. They played video games and they got bored and they drew. Right there is Marcus’ car crash. Close enough, right?


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Got new Bluetooth speaker for work via Lazada. Made me miss the old PO process.)

I Failed the Shortcake Test

There won’t be any other place that could claim that it was our most frequented place while in the US but the kitchen. Our weighing scale would say aye to that. But we learned something from that stay–or at least wifey did. This Sunday she tried doing the shortcake my brother-in-law taught her and it was almost perfect, not bad for a first timer.

My patience was shorter though. Shorter than the shortcake. Her instructions when she left the house this afternoon were: let the cake settle then you may take a picture of it before you eat it. Obviously my craving got the best of me as it was so soon that I seem to have forgotten which order comes first. Barely five minutes after she stepped out I took the cake out of the fridge and had it for snack realizing too late that the Jello and cream are still sloppy. I took a picture of it still after fixing here and there and I think I deserve a clap for making the damage appear less obvious.

(Postscript: So it’s not only that I lack┬áthe patience but I also don’t know my desserts as well. I Just saw the package in our kitchen and it shows that this is actually a cheesecake not a shortcake.)


Mood: 4/10 (Marcus evicted me out of his room for snoring last night so I’ll sleep in our own bedroom tonight.)

Born With A _ _ _ _ _ _ Spoon

Marcus and I wish it’s silver. Who has never wished we were born rich anyway? Money is attractive so admit it or not everyone else at some point dreamt that they have cash and assets readily available at their own disposal.

As Marcus grows older the more he understands the value of money and his plans to have it are rather amusing. He has plans for my career, he has dreams of winning the lotto. He would also ask if we can afford a toy or not and he would freak out if he learns we spent money. He’s funny.