Marcus’ 1st roller coaster ride

Marcus has started showing his interest in forms of entertainment we thought at first that he’s not yet ready to do. In one of our mall trips, we tried the 4D ride in SM Dasmarinas with some doubt that he might quit midway but instead the three of us came out with him asking for more and with me scratching my head if I’m ready to transition from 5-peso arcade rides to a 100-peso simulator that lasts just more than ten minutes.

“This isn’t Oggy’s roller coaster yet, right?”

And couple of weekends ago, boredom strikes again so we set out to Festival Mall’s X-site. Watching Marcus wide-eyed every time the yellow roller coaster cars zoom overhead, we headed to the ticket booth to check if he meets the height requirement. After confirming that he has hit (barely) the 36-inch mark I got tickets for two and wasted no time going to the X-Treme Coaster’s entrance all the while anxious how his first roller coaster ride will end up. Well, after two rounds barreling through the course, Marcus looked perfectly fine, obviously enjoyed the ride. I was one proud dad that day.


Frankly, I didn’t have any idea that time what the youngest age is that is allowed in a roller coaster and so I became hesitant to post about this especially after seeing the pediatrician’s reaction when we told her about Marcus’ latest adventure. It made me thought I’m like one irresponsible parent until I saw this forum: Youngest age you’ve brought a baby/child on a “roller coaster” ? Well, next roller coaster please.



Mood: 5/10 Honks! (Marcus’ first pet hamster, bunny, passed away last night. It was less than a year old.)


Day 7: Where to Now?

Not Batu Cave but good enough.

This was supposed to be Batu Cave day but with our Malaysian Ringgits running low, we got our heads together after breakfast and discussed how to get the most out of this last day.

With the help of our trusty tourist map, we found a place with a description that reads “Cosmos, Indoor Theme Park” and with a roller coaster image on it. Park ride lovers as we are, my wife and I decided that this will be it. With Noel and Lani, clueless on what to expect, they tagged along nevertheless—the word ‘mall’ in the description also convinced them.

Luckily, we got Badri again. Just like before, he’s still loaded with insight as he describes the places we passed by with great enthusiasm and pride. He got us to Berjaya Times Square in a jiffy.

The place was huge and high as it is actually a hotel and mall in one great package. (Badri dropped us in front of the hotel entrance which sent the bellboys rushing to open our cab. They learned in an instant that we’re not hotel guests when I asked where the roller coasters are.) Sadly, their food court ruined our fascination. The food booths weren’t that accessible because one has to go a long way around the atrium to transfer to the other sections of the food court. It must be their way of getting the appetite going, I assume.

Three of 10th Avenue Food Mall’s customers.

As if trying to test our stomach my wife and I decided to check out the theme park immediately after lunch. We aimed for the roller coaster right away but it’s a no-go, for Noel and Lani this time. We learned that they got dizzy just looking at the coasters in motion.

We eventually found ourselves sitting in one of the cars. There was a bit of mixed emotions once we got ourselves strapped in and the few minutes of waiting just killing us as we were impatiently waiting for the roller coaster to get going so we can experience the G-force. Then the time came.

The indoor theme park.

The coaster ride took less than two minutes. There were some exciting moments but it didn’t meet our expectations. We came out amazed but disappointed—we got out not dizzy and not swearing.

A part of the roller coaster’s loop
Looks harmless but this is better than the roller coaster.

We tried the rest of the rides anyway. Good thing we found some favorites and we were dizzy and smiling again. There was one ride, however, that got us pumped up. It was the innocent-looking Ooort’s express that at first glance, someone looking for a rush would snob it right away. We we’re wrong. This one speeds up like a cat on fire. And its speed was enough for both of us to be squeezed in one side of the cart the whole time. My head and stomach was turning and my hips were aching after the ride. We got what we paid for. Redemption.

It was raining hard when we got in a cab. It was time to go home. It was time to pack up.