Marcus’ 1st roller coaster ride

Marcus has started showing his interest in forms of entertainment we thought at first that he’s not yet ready to do. In one of our mall trips, we tried the 4D ride in SM Dasmarinas with some doubt that he might quit midway but instead the three of us came out with him asking for more and with me scratching my head if I’m ready to transition from 5-peso arcade rides to a 100-peso simulator that lasts just more than ten minutes.

“This isn’t Oggy’s roller coaster yet, right?”

And couple of weekends ago, boredom strikes again so we set out to Festival Mall’s X-site. Watching Marcus wide-eyed every time the yellow roller coaster cars zoom overhead, we headed to the ticket booth to check if he meets the height requirement. After confirming that he has hit (barely) the 36-inch mark I got tickets for two and wasted no time going to the X-Treme Coaster’s entrance all the while anxious how his first roller coaster ride will end up. Well, after two rounds barreling through the course, Marcus looked perfectly fine, obviously enjoyed the ride. I was one proud dad that day.


Frankly, I didn’t have any idea that time what the youngest age is that is allowed in a roller coaster and so I became hesitant to post about this especially after seeing the pediatrician’s reaction when we told her about Marcus’ latest adventure. It made me thought I’m like one irresponsible parent until I saw this forum: Youngest age you’ve brought a baby/child on a “roller coaster” ? Well, next roller coaster please.



Mood: 5/10 Honks! (Marcus’ first pet hamster, bunny, passed away last night. It was less than a year old.)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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