Not a Fan of this Fan

Not cool

Right out of work, enduring a shift dragged further by a very slow MS Excel, I tried fixing our fan that stopped working all of a sudden on this warm Thursday morning. The Handy Manny in me, however, failed to get it back running but to be honest I seem more than happy that it no longer works, finally.

You see this isn’t the first time it happened. Just more than two years since we bought it brand new, this Panasonic electric fan that features inverter technology, as its manufacturer claims it to be, has been nothing but a headache. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve lubricated it, took it apart, the entire time it’s been with us. We’ve bought other fan brands but these cheaper ones outlast the Panasonic big time. We’ve even had a stand fan that despite broken into half, its motor keeps running on demand. I heard its recipient continues to enjoy cool air.

I promised to avoid negative vibes in this blog site but I’ll break it for once. I think a little bit of service to other unsuspecting consumers would justify this hate post. So let it be known that my days dealing with this Panasonic inverter technology fan is over. I’m really not a fan of this fan. As the civilians in the Lego Marvel Xbox game would say, “Not cool.”


I told Marcus that I would run over the Panasonic fan to spread it into pieces. Yes, that much hate. But I change my mind, as I realize my car tires are almost slick. Another sad story.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Getting sleepy by watching Marcus’ character bouncing back and forth on the purple Fortnite Loot Lake.)


Interstellar: Our Wormhole

Interstellar, wormhole, interstellar review, interstellar blog
Image from the web.

A couple of months after, wifey and I were able to watch a movie again without Marcus. Our kid willingly stayed behind with his own Mr. and Mrs. Wilson–he is our good neighbor’s own Dennis the Menace. Our time out together was worth it, thanks to Interstellar.

Spoilers have been out since Interstellar premiered but my interest to see the latest Christopher Nolan film remained. I was among those who were curious to know how Hollywood can pull off another space adventure movie after Gravity. Just like the Sandra Bullock starrer, scientists–as they claim to be–expressed their expert opinion that some concepts in Interstellar are far-fetched. However, like how the adult Murphy Cooper sat in her room to figure out everything, we sat still in front of the giant cinema screen–hot Krispy Kreme coffee and donuts in hand.

There is a good thing about not having a good grasp of quantum physics, space dynamics, and all the jargons only NASA and space exploration geeks understand. Such lack of technical knowledge and prejudice allowed me to focus on the concept that man in the distant future will travel through space and time. And the concept that somewhere out there are other dimensions that go beyond what the past and current generation believe only belongs to pages of science fiction books.

Interstellar may indeed be flawed but what Hollywood movie isn’t? For all I care right now is that it was the perfect movie for me and wifey. Interstellar was a wormhole that transported us out of parenting–almost three hours of good entertainment that feels like a week of a well-deserved break. Oh by the way, we picked up Marcus and yes, he is still six years old.


Things I learned from Interstellar:

1. Have a bookshelf and save the world. Yes, that shelf where you stack paper pages sandwiched between soft or hard covers. Need I say you read them as well?

2. Dust will eventually kill us all. Space may be a giant vacuum but it won’t clean the house. Time to find that thing that sucks dust.

3. Minecraft has become this much influential. Just look at TARS. I rest my case.

Interstellar, wormhole, interstellar review, interstellar blog, Minecraft, Enderman is TARS
This Enderman from Minecraft. (Image from the web.)
Interstellar, wormhole, interstellar review, interstellar blog, Minecraft, Enderman is TARS
Now this one walking behind is TARS. (Image from the web.)

4. The demand for cornflakes will stay until end of the world. And maybe farming in general. I now wonder if Marcus will learn how to plow.

5. “How did you know? Because dad promised me.” Interstellar’s cheesy moment but does anyone object that this is true?


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (I promised not to eat junk todat. That’s the plan.)

24: The Longest DVD Marathon of Our Life

“I’m federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.” – Jack Bauer


Grabbed from wifey’s instagram.

“Why would I buy a TV series DVD?” was a question once asked myself several times in the past as I tag along with wifey while she checks DVDs on sale in video shops at the mall. I believe then that it is a total waste of money to buy DVDs of series such as Friends, Sex in the City, and even those of Discovery Channel. To me, if there is one thing that makes people buy their own copy of TV series it is just the irrational urge to possess a compilation of shiny CDs that will eventually gather dust in one corner of a CD shelf. A package, however, from abroad changed my perspective.

Among the items stuffed inside the balikabayan box that we received last month are seasons 1-4 of 24 which is a TV series that I was fully aware exists on cable TV but I dismissed it as outright boring—plus the fact that a local channel dubbed it in Filipino made it even less appealing. Yet then again, having recently unsubscribed from our city’s cable company, we were left with no other option other than to load the 1st CD of the series for entertainment’s sake. I waited, anticipated a yawn but it was a yawn that never came. And that was the day when wifey and I started the longest DVD marathon in our entire life.

The crescendo of the digital beep that signals the start each episode became a regular sound inside our room. Jack Bauer commandeered our free time, his 24-hour adventure has kept us glued to the CRT screen. A hero and rogue field agent all at the same time who has the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and its technology at his disposal, Jack Bauer made the 24 hours of his day something that would shame almost any person’s 1-year worth of life’s adventure.

Wifey and I became instant fans that we really didn’t care if there are flaws in 24. I rolled my eyes during Jack’s cheesy moments whenever he shows uber concern on his daughter, Kim, as he is merciless and is unhesitant to pull the trigger on anyone—friend or foe—who stands in the way in his quest to save the day. We kept mum over Chloe’s unrealistic ease of access to any network she chooses to hack just so she can assist Jack find his way in a heavily-guarded building or sneak his way out of a crowded street to trail unsuspecting terrorists.There were also several instances in every season of 24 when we repeatedly ignored characters starting a stolen car just by pulling wires from under the steering wheel and successfully connecting it, even under pressure, as if there are just two wires specially  marked “yank and splice in case of emergency.”  Call us gullible but yes, even after the first season, we have built a relationship with this Fox series like marriage—for better or for worst.

We already finished watching all 4 seasons but our craving continues. In fact, it is why wifey consequently went online and have gotten hold of used region 2 DVDs from—original ones, FYI. In between school duties and playtime with Marcus, we happen to insert watching seasons 5-6. We are now at season 7 and we badly need to find season 8. We’ve also heard that 24 The Movie is in the works. If this is true, we will be there and we won’t mind if it will be the longest movie of our life.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Anxious to get this day over with.)