Not a Fan of this Fan

Not cool

Right out of work, enduring a shift dragged further by a very slow MS Excel, I tried fixing our fan that stopped working all of a sudden on this warm Thursday morning. The Handy Manny in me, however, failed to get it back running but to be honest I seem more than happy that it no longer works, finally.

You see this isn’t the first time it happened. Just more than two years since we bought it brand new, this Panasonic electric fan that features inverter technology, as its manufacturer claims it to be, has been nothing but a headache. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve lubricated it, took it apart, the entire time it’s been with us. We’ve bought other fan brands but these cheaper ones outlast the Panasonic big time. We’ve even had a stand fan that despite broken into half, its motor keeps running on demand. I heard its recipient continues to enjoy cool air.

I promised to avoid negative vibes in this blog site but I’ll break it for once. I think a little bit of service to other unsuspecting consumers would justify this hate post. So let it be known that my days dealing with this Panasonic inverter technology fan is over. I’m really not a fan of this fan. As the civilians in the Lego Marvel Xbox game would say, “Not cool.”


I told Marcus that I would run over the Panasonic fan to spread it into pieces. Yes, that much hate. But I change my mind, as I realize my car tires are almost slick. Another sad story.


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48-hour protection? Not really

48 hours or 4-8 hours?

I haven’t done any product review for quite awhile but as much as I hate that I would do one for a men’s care product I still would in the name of truth in advertising and to prevent others to fall into the same mistake I had when I purchased Dove Men+Care deodorant product. Despite doubt that a deodorant with such lasting protection exists in this sweaty spot of our planet, I took my chance (risk could be the best word) in getting a new product with the hope that I would be able to replace the one that I’m currently using.

And thanks but no thanks to global warming and its horrendous summer, the flaw of this product eventually leaked out (pun intended). In a matter of days, I surrendered to the fact that Dove Men+Care 48-hour deodorant is pure fallacy and that its promise to provide a powerful protection, non- irritant deodorant fails big time at own expense…and my wife’s and kid’s discomfort. Ti abi.

So the next time you pass by your grocery store’s isle and hear a voice in- side your head telling you to buy a deodorant with a 48-hour protection, do yourself a big favor — and for the love of your family, your fellow commuters and co-workers — DO NOT BUY! For now, I’m back to using Old Spice! Hmm. I just realized that there are creative people in the deodorant industry and that Sully’s Wet Dog deodorant must be real after all.


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Mood: 1/10 Honks! (Whew! This bad review made me sweat all over again. Psycho music please!)