The Real Oggy And The Cockcroaches

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Cat and mouse. This I’m sure that anyone will recognize the famous rivalry. It’s been like that. For example, when I say Tom, someone will highly likely say Jerry. When I start with ‘when the cat is away…’ it will be easily continued by anybody with ‘…the mouse will play.’ Yes, everyone just knows the relationship between the two.

But how many are aware of cats and cockcroaches. For one, I don’t, I never did. I was so clueless that I scratched my head when I first saw the cartoons Oggy and the Cockroaches. Who would have thought that it’s a good idea to create an animation about the misadventures of a blue cat named Oggy and his archnemeses Dee Dee, Marky, and Joey. Well, Jean-Yves Raimbaud seems to know what he was doing.

Marcus started watching Oggy and Cockroaches when he was a lot younger. He loves the show so much that now at age six and with our cable TV subscription gone, for a year and half already, he would mention that it is still one of his favorite cartoon shows. He now hates the others he once watched almost regularly–like Ben 10, Dibo, and, thankfully, Barney–yet his fascination of Oggy and the Cockroaches stays. But do cats and these horrendous smelly creepers meet in real life? Yes, just not as amusing.

We have seen our cat, Mittens, so many times bring inside our house– of course, to our utter disgust–cockroaches to play with and eventually kill. I would often wonder if the poor cockroach would have preferred being sprayed with pesticide rather than the torturous demise due to being tossed around from the cat’s fangs and to be pummeled by its soft paw with sharp claws. Sometimes out of compassion, I deliver the quick death with the classic slipper whack.

The latest encounter happened this early morning while I drag my sleepy self from bed to the toilet. As I was about to open the faucet to wash my face I came eye to eye with the shiny brown pest and by instinct I had my hand ready with a slipper. I saw also that Mittens was right behind me, its iris opened, fully focused, and ready to pounce. The poor cockroach was almost trapped, it hesitated, and decided to avoid the cat. It seems that our cat’s notoriety has spread around the filthy roach community. Oh by the way, its name should’ve been Oggy but we later learned it’s female.


Here’s a trivia I read from Wikipedia. Did you know that Dee Dee, Joey, and Marky were among the members of the American punk rock band The Ramones? Now what are the chances that their song I Wanna Be Sedated is about a cockroach begging to escape slow death from a cat.


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24: The Longest DVD Marathon of Our Life

“I’m federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.” – Jack Bauer


Grabbed from wifey’s instagram.

“Why would I buy a TV series DVD?” was a question once asked myself several times in the past as I tag along with wifey while she checks DVDs on sale in video shops at the mall. I believe then that it is a total waste of money to buy DVDs of series such as Friends, Sex in the City, and even those of Discovery Channel. To me, if there is one thing that makes people buy their own copy of TV series it is just the irrational urge to possess a compilation of shiny CDs that will eventually gather dust in one corner of a CD shelf. A package, however, from abroad changed my perspective.

Among the items stuffed inside the balikabayan box that we received last month are seasons 1-4 of 24 which is a TV series that I was fully aware exists on cable TV but I dismissed it as outright boring—plus the fact that a local channel dubbed it in Filipino made it even less appealing. Yet then again, having recently unsubscribed from our city’s cable company, we were left with no other option other than to load the 1st CD of the series for entertainment’s sake. I waited, anticipated a yawn but it was a yawn that never came. And that was the day when wifey and I started the longest DVD marathon in our entire life.

The crescendo of the digital beep that signals the start each episode became a regular sound inside our room. Jack Bauer commandeered our free time, his 24-hour adventure has kept us glued to the CRT screen. A hero and rogue field agent all at the same time who has the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and its technology at his disposal, Jack Bauer made the 24 hours of his day something that would shame almost any person’s 1-year worth of life’s adventure.

Wifey and I became instant fans that we really didn’t care if there are flaws in 24. I rolled my eyes during Jack’s cheesy moments whenever he shows uber concern on his daughter, Kim, as he is merciless and is unhesitant to pull the trigger on anyone—friend or foe—who stands in the way in his quest to save the day. We kept mum over Chloe’s unrealistic ease of access to any network she chooses to hack just so she can assist Jack find his way in a heavily-guarded building or sneak his way out of a crowded street to trail unsuspecting terrorists.There were also several instances in every season of 24 when we repeatedly ignored characters starting a stolen car just by pulling wires from under the steering wheel and successfully connecting it, even under pressure, as if there are just two wires specially  marked “yank and splice in case of emergency.”  Call us gullible but yes, even after the first season, we have built a relationship with this Fox series like marriage—for better or for worst.

We already finished watching all 4 seasons but our craving continues. In fact, it is why wifey consequently went online and have gotten hold of used region 2 DVDs from—original ones, FYI. In between school duties and playtime with Marcus, we happen to insert watching seasons 5-6. We are now at season 7 and we badly need to find season 8. We’ve also heard that 24 The Movie is in the works. If this is true, we will be there and we won’t mind if it will be the longest movie of our life.


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