Birthday Poem Only For You

A stork was high in the sky,
’twas years ago.
It circled, then swooped very low.
In a humble home, it dropped by.

“Aha! It’s a boy, however tiny.”
He stared, he smiled,
The couple, overjoyed, almost cried.
“Thank heavens, finally, our baby!”

Now he turns five,
What a boy he has become.
Ever so active, so full of life.
This poem is for him, from dad and mom.


Happy Birthday Marcus!

Poem for Spongebob Squarepants

We used to hate you and your cartoon show,

Until Marcus made us fall in love with your color, yellow.

He has stuffed toys, yes, more than one,

But he always looks for you more often than anyone.

You’ve made him laugh when something, or someone, made him cry

We know, therefore, he wishes that you’d never die.

Happy 26th Birthday,Yaya.


Trivia: Our son, even until now, calls Spongebob Squarepants as Yaya (that’s nanny in Filipino)–not because he is always with him like any yaya should be but it’s from the yeah, yeah, yeah expression Marcus hears from this cartoon character.

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Henry Hates Joyce

I think I shall never see

A sad poem about a parking lot made by Mr. Sy.

A parking lot whose chilly basement is pressed

Against Baguio’s once abundant pine tree crest.

A parking lot that looks at the mall all day;

And waits for cars of shoppers who pay.

A parking lot that covers people in Summer wear;

A nest of evicted bird species in its lair.

Upon its concrete levels Baguio’s cold has lain;

Insensitive of the dead forest’s pain.

Poems are made by fools like me

But only greedy men can uproot hundreds of pine tree.


Credit: Poem derived from ‘Trees’ by Joyce Kilmer.

Photo derived from


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Hello Wifey, This poem is for you…

Being you…

Enhances my identity

Being caring…

Makes me appreciate your presence more

Being patient…

Teaches me to be one.

Being understanding…

Encourages me to know compassion.

Being funny…

Just tickles my funny bone.

Being strong…

Makes me stay as one.

Being loving…

Makes me love you more.

Being a late greeter…

Gives me the excuse to write this one bad poem. Happy Birthday!

I love you!


This is a poem for wifey’s 2007 birthday which I hurriedly composed since I’ve been busy at work packing precious processors instead of packing a birthday gift.