Logo Loco

I am among those who get excited when companies announce that they have a new logo and I even would like to believe that given the time and tools I could create a good one, if not better, myself. Pardon the statement, it sounds more like I am frustrated graphic artist, but having a logo is not as simple as knowing how to make one. Every element in a logo should deliver the right message as the outcome becomes the symbol that sums up the company’s vision and mission. It is meant to get everyone like its employees and its target market recognize it and, more importantly, know at first glance the core message that it tries to deliver.

Many corporations were spot on with their logos but there were several who, despite their best intentions, failed to find that one minor detail thus a logo that is ridiculous or one that sends the opposite of its key message.  While I haven’t been part of a logo team of any company, my rusty marketing subject plus my imagination tell me that to come up with a logo involves a tedious and a creative process. Again, the vision and mission statement should be the foundation and some critical questions should be answered. What idea or products do you sell? What impression do you want to tell your target audience—i.e., your employees, your market, your community? How do you want your company to be perceived? If it appears good on shirt could be one but that should be among the least of the concerns.

It is therefore imperative that the right team is in place to come up with the right—not necessarily the best—logo. Ideally, every stakeholder must be there and everyone must at least possess a keen attention to detail as a logo is a tattoo that once completed would be hard, time-consuming, or worse, painful to change.

Lastly, like any product, a new logo should also have its own promotion to reach its target market. It should be handled by a good marketing team who knows how to sell it and knows the right media that could effectively get the message across. Anything less would make all efforts go to waste and the logo ends up as good material for a weekend article or an entertainment for people who likes to kill time online during their rest day.

My own rest day logo so there is no need to like it.



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Who needs crayons

Today, over to-go Jollibee breakfast and while taking a break from her laundry, wifey showed me an app that allows her to color sans the crayons. Hours later and while the clothes are drying outside under the hot Saturday sun, she completed her work. I’m impressed. She is my own Heart Evangelista (don’t get me wrong, not voting the hubby).

Wifey’s first Colorfy work.



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Coloring Books for Adults, Anyone?

Crayons, Coloring Book for Adults
Image from Flickr Creative Commons



Years ago wifey purchased something I never knew would be of interest to someone her age.  It was a box of crayons and a coloring book along with it.  What I find funny is that it was way back when we do not have Marcus around yet.  Knowing wifey as someone who seldom spends on anything unnecessary—either by choice or not—I let her grab her art stuffs because for an employed adult these are cheap anyway. While at some point in my elementary days I wished that I also possess a box of crayons with built-in sharpeners, I have let go of the thought as soon our art subject is over. But for wifey, age didn’t matter.

I do not consider my wife as someone who is really into arts so I was thinking all along that she would soon ditch the crayons as soon as we reach home that day.  I was wrong.  She did manage to spend time coloring the book as if it will be graded by a teacher. In my opinion, she rendered the colors well.  She also made sure that her crayons are all in proper order after each use and that anything that starts to dull gets sharpened. Her crayons remained almost pristine until the day someone came into the picture.

Our kid eventually took over wifey’s 48-color Crayola. And I know that she had some reservations giving the crayons due to the fact that she knows the fate of Marcus’ basic crayon set. Some got stripped of labels, some broken in half, and some lost in the Kindergarten battlefield. Some made their mark on our wall—thanks to baby oil, these got erased easily.

Today The Guardian released an article Colouring books for adults top Amazon bestseller list and it made me discover that wifey isn’t alone.  Surprisingly, there are also others who are into crayons and coloring books regardless of age. (Whew!)  Now I wonder if it is a good time to buy a Marvel coloring book. Nope, not for wifey. Not for Marcus either. You know, it does not hurt to start all over again.


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