Marcus and the Games He Play

The weekend is once again almost over but it’s one of those days when Marcus has impressed me a lot. Last night I discovered that he can already comprehend how Magnet Adventure works. It is a puzzle game I downloaded several months back but back then all he did was just watch and annoy me while I spend time thinking how to deal each of the cases. This time, with some advice, he manages to complete some of the basics.

Marcus has also showed great improvement in PC car racing. I still have the old Need For Speed software (from our ex-company’s home PC program) and tonight he played its hot pursuit game and was able to catch 6 out of 6 bad guys. In another PC game, he has reached the tracks’ finish line although he complains that he ends up with no rank.

And now, I watch him wrap up this weekend as he plays his most-loved game — Lego. Awhile ago he finished a Ninjago cobra structure without looking at the manual and now he’s building a Lego City police car while referring to the instructions in the book that came along with the kit. I’m impressed Marcus, I’m impressed.


Today also marks our return to La Salette. For several months we stopped attending mass there as Marcus’ frequent misdemeanor made me leave church more of a devil than a refreshed Catholic. This afternoon he showed some signs of stubbornness but not as much as before. (I laughed when my wife told me on our way to the mall that she was actually praying for me: “Dear lord, don’t make my husband snap.”)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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