Do you know someone like mommy Berns?


My drive home this morning was quite disappointing. Mommy Berns did not call Mo Twister’s radio show. So who on earth is this mommy Berns anyway? Well, she was all over my other favorite radio stations the day before. She started at first as one regular caller who, just like the others, would call to share their piece of mind on the topic of the day or someone who would make a song request and then hang up. But mommy Berns did more than that – on different radio stations, on several occasions.

I first heard the seemingly friendly voice on Wave 89.1 FM’s morning show. I did not catch the exact conversation between her and the DJs but I soon realized that she is not a regular listener after she requested an unfamiliar song title and one that does not belong to the station’s New Wave Wednesday’s playlist. The discussion became more odd when mommy Berns said that the song is actually a composition of his son and that she would like to promote its location on It was a personal plug that the unsuspecting DJs had to entertain as if to shorten their (and mine) agony from one weird caller.

Evening came and once again I was back behind the wheel on my way to work and my car radio still on the same frequency, same music genre. Everything on the program that night seems the same, including a surprise caller – mommy Berns. Along with the new set of DJs in a different radio show came the same caller with the same purpose – to place a shameless plug and this time she has become more spontaneous which made me wonder if she has been talking about the same thing all day. My hunch was right.

On schedule, I tuned in to another station to catch up on Jam 88.3’s The Daily Stew with Roanna where I get my daily fix of alternative music (and interesting trivia and topics from its host @roannaruiz). As I maneuver my way through crazy traffic, a voice came out of the car stereo which almost made me freak out and sideswipe counter-flowing motorcycle riders – it could’ve been the perfect excuse.

It was mommy Berns.

She’s talking to Roanna Ruiz. She’s talking about the same stuff.

“My goodness. Ti abi. WTH. Let the Mayans be right, now!”

For the third time that day, on my last stretch before I reach work, I heard the ever familiar and annoying spiel again, “…it’s composed by my son…it’s on…please watch annabananadsl.” Wow.

Thankfully, I arrived at work in one piece – I also checked the car carpet and I didn’t see any of my dinner on it – but with several thoughts racing in my mind. Have we been, consciously or unconsciously, a mommy Berns who is ever proud of our own child(ren) and so willing to talk about them all day (and annoy people in the process)? Do we know someone like mommy Berns?

Few minutes later, I realized I was walking past the production’s door….


I checked out AnnaBananaDSL and so far mommy Berns’ efforts got around 1,700 views as of today.


Erratum: I just discovered on Twitter that it’s Mama Berns
and not mommy Berns.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Marcus still coughing but taking meds. Few more days before the balloon fest.)


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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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