Anna Banana (part II)

Well, guess what? Barely a month after I posted my last blog about mama Berns who conquered the airwaves just to promote her son’s Anna Banana song on, her relentless effort somehow paid off. As of this writing, the then lousy homemade video took off from just around 2,000 to almost a million hits.

But this is not because the video reached viral status on its own but it is because some crazy PLDT marketing guys took the risk of using Anna Banana as a radio ad to capture more potential PLDT myDSL subscribers. And while I can’t help but loathe whoever it was behind this gimmick (and pity other unsuspecting listeners who got “hypnotized” to check out this anna bananaDSL video) I on the other hand agree that this is such a genius move. It is one of those effective campaign that was used by people behind American Idol’s William Hung, our very own Manny Pacquiao, and the versatile and beautiful actress Anne Curtis Smith. All these personalities became successful record artists despite their lack of singing skills.

Image from web.

We also know by now that both mama Berns and her son possess star features as well. It is just matter of time when these mother-and-son team would be seen on TV waving and smiling and getting more than the attention that they once wish they will achieve when mama Berns dialed her way to different FM stations and radio programs all the day long (probably with the goal of just getting youtube views). But of course I am still among those who believe that this boy behind the Anna Banana song will grow up hating himself for this youtube video but at the very least he would have one hell of a story to tell to everyone about the day when his original composition (and his mother’s persistence) got popular more than they expected it to be.


Grabbing the opportunity to write while my in-laws and their kids are here to visit us especially wifey who is still recovering from a bad infection.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Pizza and pasta and coke. Typical Sunday diet. Will regret it tomorrow.)


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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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