Is It Still Christmas?

Glowing Santa hat, Santa Claus

“Make every day of the year Christmas” and “Christmas is in our hearts” are just a couple of Christmas cliches I’d always remember. In the past years of being an adult, bringing back the same feeling of how it was celebrated during my childhood seems to be getting more impossible with each passing year. These recent days, I yearn for innocence and simple joys that this season should bring.

I still remember my excitement when I was a kid the moments I’d hear Christmas carols playing over the radio which is usually when the “ber” months begin. There’s always anticipation that “Joy to the world” or ”Ang pasko ay sumapit” will once again be heard right after the last week of August. Always the case back then. This is how we Filipinos are known for: having the longest Christmas season. Most tourists and other people from other countries are fascinated by the fact that even in September, Christmas decors are starting to be seen in homes here in the Philippines.

But not for me. I actually didn’t care about putting one up for years already. I seem to have come to accept that times have indeed changed. Since I started working, I’ve surrendered to the unavoidable fact that sometimes Christmas will be spent at work. I’ve likewise accepted that Santa never did exist; that some ninongs and ninangs do intentionally hide from their godchildren; that as we grow old, the chances of getting toys as gifts are fading; and that Christmas after all is just for kids. A few more years and maybe I’d soon find myself as a certified Grinch.

So why am I starting to fret about wanting to feel Christmassy once again? That’s because I want our baby boy to experience it just like we did when we were kids. It’s funny but looking at his wide innocent eyes peering out of the window and being awed by the twinkling of the multi-colored lights makes me mushy and brings me back in time about three decades ago. It looks like those clear baby eyes are silently questioning why everyone is in a hurry; why there are fake pine trees everywhere; why there are groups of kids outside singing jolly carols; and probably why there is Christmas in the first place.

First exchange gift
Our son’s first time to exchange gift.


Today, on our way to Batangas, instead of playing his usual Barney CDs I tried scanning the radio stations in search for Christmas songs.  To my dismay, none of my preset stations played any of the tunes. All I got were every genre but Christmas carols. And to think that it’s December 25th worsens my disappointment. The spirit of the season isn’t on air already – not until the radio’s auto-tune stopped at 100.3 RJ FM.

The station is playing 48 hours of Christmas music. It cheered me up in an instant. And although I can’t confirm that our baby boy did appreciate it as well, I’m just so glad that at least one station still dedicated two days just for Christmas music. I know the memories of hearing these will embed in the mind of our baby for his first Christmas ever.

Now I still wonder, is it still Christmas? Or did Christmas fade after some of us completed the 9-day misa de gallo; after all the Noche Buena have been eaten; and after all the gifts have been opened? Hopefully, it’s still Christmas…

100.3 RJ FM carols,Christmas songs
The effect of RJ FM’s Christmas songs.


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