The Alphabet Song for a Stressed Parent?

My recent weekends have been about trying to stay awake and staying late not to work but to interact with Marcus. I know that wifey at times have been sidelined but maybe this is one stage of marriage life and parenting that cannot be avoided — the kid comes first.

Having a very active kid also guarantees that sooner or later he will outrun his parents’ energy level or patience at the very least. This is the reality that we have to face especially for us who work night shifts, and without any helper, as the time when Marcus gets active is usually when we are just about to get a break or doze off. And this is when it gets stressful.

Lately, however, other than his antics, he has started doing something whenever he senses that we are about to blow our top: he sings ABC. Yes, the alphabet song. We don’t know where he learned that trick but it does make us smile and gives some kind of stress relief. Funny guy.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Exchange of roles. Wifey’s in school with other parents and I’m at home with Marcus. Tomorrow’s UN day.)