Our toilet has transformed into a toy museum

I finally found the right place for me to place a clock inside our toilet. I have been wanting to have one back in Cavite but we just never had the perfect clock and the perfect place. Now, everything fits and one good thing leads to another.

This free clock found its right place.

Thanks to wifey’s eagerness to free up more boxes that are still waiting to be unpacked and sorted she had this very creative idea to place some of Marcus’ toys on the coping inside our toilet. The motorcycle clock is not alone anymore.

Charlie Brown seems amused but Wolverine thinks otherwise.
SpongeBob has his own spot.
And Optimus Prime continues to do his duty together with the Lego cars.
Super Mario tends the farm while the Ninja Turtles keep a close watch.
Batman has become more uptight here though.
I have a feeling Woody knows we did the right thing.
Marcus surrounded by his toys.



Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Time flies, just reached my 5th year at work.)

Marcus Shares His Old Stuffed Toys

Finally, after much deliberation, our son’s stuffed toys will soon have their new home. It has been about half a year already when we decided, with our son’s approval, that most of the stuffed toys that used to be on our bed will be kept. But hating that these cuddly toys will just remain inside a plastic bag for good, we have been thinking of potential recipients and this week we zeroed out on one – a child institution where my employer will be having its outreach program. So with some anxiety, very normal to someone letting go of prized possessions, the three of us dusted off, tagged each toy with a personalized gift card, and packed the toys ready to be hugged by some of the kids in Sto. Domingo.

Wifey and Marcus teaming up to tag the stuffed toys.


Stuffed toys from Marcus to Sto. Domingo.

Please don’t feel bad if you can identify one of the stuffed toys. Be proud that a toy from you that once made Marcus smile, and feel so appreciated, will have another chance to cheer someone up and that it is also a toy that has taught our son the value of sharing this Christmas time.


FYI. One of the Spongebob stays.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Exam day for Marcus. Another review coming when he wakes up. Will make it a love-one-another-warmly session this time. Will try.)