For months I have prepared for this day when I and wifey became a couple 20 years ago. And this is where she protests. Hehe. I actually have forgotten about it until she reminded me last night. Anyway, looks like 20 is a significant number this December as a day after this impromptu cake turns unfit for consumption (don’t worry we’ll make sure it happen) we’ll all be into something wonderful again. I love you wifey 😉



Mood: 3/10 Honks! (That baked beef for lunch was heaven.)


Crystal Anniversary

Dear wifey, time flies but my heart stays with you. When we exchanged vows  I never counted the years that followed and I cannot believe that it’s already 15 years since then.

Through thick–or fat–and thin we held on. We’ve already experienced richer or poorer and sickness and health. We’ve seen better and worse of each of us–like carelessly and shamelessly passing gas while together. Yes, I’d say that indeed we are already crystals, we can see through each other. I pray to God that we remain transparent, that we remain un-shattered.

Happy anniversary again, wifey. I love you.


Mood: 5/10 Honks! (Will pass watching Transformers. Sore throat on this special day.)