That One Awkward Moment at the Hospitals

We finally made our first trip to see a physical therapist for Marcus but it wasn’t successful. The doctor who was supposed to check him already left as there were only few patients yesterday and so only the staff at the front desk of St. Cabrini rehab accommodated us. Upon showing the other doctor’s referral to the person in charge I realized the guy seems familiar with DMD when he started asking if Marcus has other brothers or nephews who could possibly be affected with the same condition. Not wanting to be heard by Marcus I typed something on my MS Word app and showed it to him. He smiled and acknowledged. This is one of those awkward moments when we are asked at hospitals during screening or interview. While Marcus already knows, that particular anxiety still remains in us when such question comes around. Thanks to my recently downloaded app I now have an instant flash card for moments like this.

My MS Word app as a convenient flash card.

But he does really know. That same afternoon, we dropped by the supermarket before going home and we left his mom at the grocery while we window shop at the furniture store. Passing few beds later he asked, “Why was I alone inside the tummy? Why are others two? How many can fit in there?” These are same questions he would regularly ask and as expected the one followed: “Can we adopt another?” He’s been asking for one since then. Maybe we’ll foster soon but at this time, however we’d like to, it is not a priority.

Marcus with a simple treat at a cafe just across the hospital called Purple Beetle.


This weekend is the celebration of Adoption Consciousness Week. More power to all adoptive parents who believe that family goes beyond blood.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Skipped running to let my left leg recover but covered almost the same distance taking a morning stroll with Marcus. Not bad.)


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