Meme Artist in the making

We discovered that Marcus could possibly be a meme artist in the making. With the use of an app on her mother’s phone, he has been making meme when not playing or Color Switch. Despite not spending much time anymore on books after he started to skip school since late last year, I am impressed that he can compose phrases and sentences with almost good grammar and spelling. The pictures below were taken by wifey and Marcus’ imagination did he rest.

A fan of random stones.

Kids have imaginary friends and Marcus, besides his Legos, is a fan of random stones. I remember him having separation anxiety for one stone we left under the bed in Bacolod.

Cops and curtains

If cockroaches can have their own show, why not curtains. Maybe someday will see one on Cartoon Network.

Just like Neo did

The first Alpha-Lipoic pill he took gets a face, too.

Meme material?

And if his skill picks up, I would expect that I would soon become a meme material.

Maybe time will come when I would make him an official contributor to this blog. Few more practice on his artistic skill and English composition and this blog will soon have more activity.


Marcus’ fondness in making memes isn’t the only thing that wifey has observed. Thanks to parental setting, she has traced that he already made his mark online by commenting on his favorite YouTube channel. I saw one of his comments in which he corrected the spelling of a another poster. One person commented in return that he himself misspelled a word and goodness, he was so disappointed. Seems like we have grammar police in he making.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (The overtime disrupted my sleeping pattern.)


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