Batman Lamp

Petron makes it feel like it’s Christmas already with its Batman Vs Superman items as today, on its first day of their promo I got Marcus’ favorite hero item, the Batman lamp. I would say that this is probably a worthy item that P200 could buy nowadays.

Beside my Starbucks mug, this item is bigger than expected.

As seen in the picture, the Batman item is more than double than I expect it to be. There are three more items to collect and surprisingly Marcus wants to have all including Superman whom he hated so much. He also said he is going to give the Wonder Woman item to his mom–a fitting symbolism.


Marcus wishes that he would be allowed to watch this latest Batman and Suoerman movie. He was so disappointed recently for not seeing the Deadpool movie as it is rated R-16.

I promised him that I would get him a copy of the Deadpool movie as soon as it becomes available but it won’t happen anytime soon after I watched it together with wifey. Deadpool will never be for kids. Yes, it is one great movie but trust the R-16 rating if you don’t want to explain things to your kids other than why Deadpool’s suit is red.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Free Starbucks at work.)


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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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