What writing exercises reveal

It is perfectly normal I guess for kids to show and express their influences in school. For them to see that their heroes or people or things they admire are with them while in class could lessen their anxiety or better yet inspire them to focus on their activities while seated in front their teacher. It must be the very same reason they want bags and matching pencil cases that have the images of their favorite superhero or even favorite doll. “I will be the next Ant-Man.” “I will grow as lovely as a Bratz.” We’ve been school kids before so we should understand.

Drawings would also reveal what is on their minds, what they imagine all the time. And even words they write could show what or who their influences are. Case in point is what we discovered just recently from Marcus’ Mastering Handwriting book.

The current favorite–Batman.

Ok, that’s fine. We know Batman, kids love Batman. So B for Batman is a no-brainer. Back in the days he would have written Ben 10, but he got bored of it.

How about H? Name a character whose name starts with a letter H? Can’t recall one? Hawkeye? Hellboy? Hulk? Nope. Harry Potter? Eww. Oopps, pardon my manners.

Neither Hawkeye nor Hellboy, not even Hulk made it. Hitman did.

Yes, Hitman made it on Marcus’ H list. This is despite the fact that I have already kept his Hitman Xbox CD and he never saw any of it after the first 10 minutes of that game after I learned that the Hitman is fond of pianos except that he is more interested in the use of its one wire–one wire is good enough to play his death tune. But Marcus soon heard about this character again from the trailer of the movie Hitman: Agent 47 and its cinema posters in the mall didn’t help us in hiding the character’s existence. So that writing exercise must be a subtle request to allow him to watch the movie and had it been PG13 I would have given in. However, with its R13 movie rating means that it is a lot more than just piano wires and its unconventional use. So yes, you could take a breather now, we are responsible parents after all. And for that writing entry, we have asked him to remove it. The word ‘hit’ would be good enough for now.


Again, no Hitman. We watched Pixels. It is his first discounted movie.


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