Life And Death And Marcus

At some point of their growing up years kids will have so much range of ideas running inside their heads. During this time their questions would reveal their developing perspective of life…and even death.

Like two weeks ago I had weird and unexpected questions from Marcus. Passing by this one establishment along our usual route to school he asked, “Daddy, what are those boxes for?” He was pointing at the funeral parlor’s caskets on display. “That’s where the dead bodies are placed,” I said plainly with the hope to dismiss the topic once and for all.

But obviously he is not done yet as another day came and this time his queries were more deduced. “Daddy, when am I going to die…will everyone die?” Trying to be subtle I answered, “Yes, when people get old, we will eventually die.” Then he followed up, “So why is lolo ‘hel still alive?”

For some strange and creepy coincidence my 80-year old father had a close call about a week after that discussion when he slipped and fell hard one rainy afternoon. Thankfully his tubes have been removed just recently and at this moment is recovering in a hospital.

Then the other night wifey told me a story. She said that while preparing to go to sleep, out of nowhere, Marcus told her, “Mommy, when I’m old and gone, please name your new baby Marcus. That way, he will still be me. I would still sleep beside you, I would still be able to check my toys.” It was something that gave me mixed emotions. For one, I find it funny as it shows his innocence, his current lack of grasp of life’s timeline. The freaky part is that it made me recall Robert De Niro’s Godsend. The sad thing is that it could be imminent and when that happens there will be no new Marcus. Probably just me and wifey and his toys.

I wouldn’t wonder though if Marcus still does not fully understand life and death because even adults do not. Life is so complex that we won’t know all about it until we have lived it to the fullest. Death will remain a mystery until have experienced or got closed to it. That’s life, that’s death.


He now has a PWD card. The bright side, he gets to watch free movies every week among other benefits.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (God has been testing us and so far has not failed us.)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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