Crushes, Crushed

I am among those people who are often fascinated by the innocence of children. Their perspective in life is so simple that often it brings that smile on us adults, a smile that comes when we least expect it. Marcus is no exception.  At age 5, his views seem to just revolve around his favorite apps and toys. Like whenever I drive, he expects our speedometer to breach 200 KPH just like Lightning McQueen; He believes that his Ninjago stance will protect him from other annoying kids; He thinks that his full name is MarcusBen10—the very reason I have to keep his Ben 10 toys away from him indefinitely; And when wifey revealed to him that one of his classmates has a crush on him, he innocently asked, “Mommy, Candy Crush?”

He is someone’s eye candy but for now this is all he can relate to. (Image from the web.)

I believe though that while he doesn’t know yet what a crush is all about, he might have felt it already. Last year, while on vacation, of all DVDs he has, he brought along with us Ghost Rider. That night in Bacolod, I noticed him staring at the DVD case and to my surprise, before shutting his eyes I saw him kiss goodnight Eva Mendes’ picture. Could she be his first crush? Good choice.

Ghost Rider with Eva Mendes (Image from the web)

There are serious times, however. When a recent magnitude 7 earthquake struck Bohol, he witnessed on the news the crushed buildings and people displaced out of their homes. Thus, other than his regular nightly prayers, he prayed before going to bed, “Papa Jesus, give [them] food, house…and no [more] earthquake again pwease.”

It also appears that he now has idea of the impact of other disasters. As super typhoon Yolanda threatens the country he kept telling us his worries. “Daddy, mommy, paano na akin toys?  How na house, daddy’s car…wala na car…can’t go to school,” were his repeated concerns.

But there were some funny moments when he saw us packing three days worth of clothing. “Mommy, saan punta?” he asked. “This is just in case we need to go seek shelter somewhere,” wifey answered. “Punta hotel?” was his excited reply, his fondness of staying in hotels becoming obvious. Sigh, if only everyone can be evacuated inside a comfy hotel.


This month is Marcus’ 5th year and there is no other cake he wants but this:

Marcus’ Ninjago-theme cake.


Mood: 10/10 Honks! (Remembering #YolandaPH victims. We wish that you all recover.)


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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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