When the Kid Gets Tough, the Parenting Gets Going

First half of July is over. And I spent majority of its days trying to figure out how to become an effective parent. This must be the longest time I can recall that I have struggled to discipline Marcus. Had I spent the same amount of energy in badminton or gym time or running instead of parenting I know that I would have improved in those crafts significantly. There’s just so much passion, so much thinking I have done since the month started but I just seem to fail. It’s a mind game—us versus Marcus—and I am starting to believe he is winning.  But I know that, however hopeless I feel most of the time, we cannot give up. There should be something up our sleeves that should address this parenting challenging. Yes, there should be because when the kid gets tough, the parenting gets going.


Role reversal: he’s cop, I’m the bad guy (It’s just the two of us last weekend and we played his favorite Need for Speed game.)

Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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