I am just your boy next door in a typical neighborhood. The place where I live is an ideal place just like in most Western movies — it has almost everything a bachelor needs to have. In fact, my own home is furnished with stuffs I need access to at any time of the day: a full fridge, a comfy sofa and a TV (though CRT), and my own bedroom has an equally cozy bed. In the toilet, decent fixtures are installed.

My proximity to the essential places is also something that most people might be envy of. From my house, the municipal hall is just across the street; to give me the things I need for my interests is an adjacent hobby shop; few more walks, along well-paved sidewalks, is a grocery store, and a couple of meters more is a bistro just in case I feel like dining in. Finding a job isn’t that hard too. At the very least, wherever I choose work, I get paid a hundred dollars at the end of the day – more than enough to sustain my daily needs.

Remarkably, social life couldn’t be any better. Just nearby are houses of several people. I can name a few acquaintances – there’s Nina, Luke, Marcell, and Kia. Most of them are friendly as long as chatting with them remains constant and relevant. I have yet to meet the others however I am quite sure that it is just a matter of time when it will be fulfilled.

But just like anyone else, I feel that I need more. There are days when I wish to woohoo. Yes, woohoo. It doesn’t sound like a familiar word for any four-year old but it is something carnal. This item is already on queue among my other wishes like wanting to repair, to get promoted, and to plant a corn. Woohoo kid. I know you can see it. Make me woohoo.

That’s my life. I am a Sims 3 character under the control of a kid with an iPad. I don’t know when he will make me woohoo but sooner or later I know he will see figure out. Sooner or later before he turns five.


And this is the reason, Marcus, why you won’t see the Sims 3 icon on my iPad anymore. I have deleted it. I know you enjoyed it but after seeing that ‘wish to woohoo’ I just knew that it’s a bad game son, bad game. Go play Angry Birds for now.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Lunch was good. Thanks, wifey.)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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