Thanksgiving Weekend and Fried Food

The long thanksgiving weekend in the US gave me another time to spend with Marcus. With my wife out of town to have her scheduled check-up–-also a disguised parenting day off–and with Marcus still needing to attend school, it was just me and him from Thursday until the weekends. During this whole time I assumed the entire alpha role at home including cooking – rice and anything fried.

If I am not mistaken this must be the longest time I ate the most fried food in just a matter of few days, not by choice but by the lack of it. And so today, Sunday, after just taking for breakfast the leftover we had last night–-fried meatloaf AND fried rice, I am looking forward to Batangas where I imagine myself having something green and leafy.


Our recent father-and-son time made me discover something. Firstly, I can live unplugged. To focus on Marcus’ exam review as well as to spend more time playing with him after, I denied myself access to Wi-Fi and bedroom TV. Other than having more quality time (some usual quibbling in between), I have also proven that without these electronics inside our room, our son is able to be in bed earlier than before. This time he didn’t breach the 12 midnight period.  But if I can continue this, is now a big question.

Secondly, I realized that with the absence of wifey at home, Marcus and I would be 24X7 fast food customers. At first the thought of meatloaf and hotdogs seem exciting but just after two meals I began to accept that I am way past that enjoyment kids (and to mention that my birthday is approaching and I’ll be a lot older by then) get when they hear that sizzling sound the frying pan makes. In fact, if by some stroke of luck, wifey will be away for another day, I’ll likely grab one of those recipe books in the shelf and force myself to cook one that doesn’t have oil.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Gulay please!)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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