Gone Fishing

Two years ago my wife bought me a Shimano fishing rod and reel for my birthday. Thanks to my friend Mike who influenced and got me somewhat hooked on this hobby. For some reason,  however, there was a long gap after I acquired my own set. But this year seems the season again.

So finally I was out fishing once more. My fourth this year at the same place in succession. The timing have been on my favor after Mike resigned from our company which allowed him to adapt to my day-offs and set our fishing trips.

Just 10 kilometers away from home is a fishing venue called Fishers’ Farm Resort which is also a quite decent place for an outing event in the heart of Dasmariñas, Cavite. The resort offers swimming, horseback riding, and of course, fishing. Although, we’ve had days when fishes don’t seem to take the bait, we still prefer hanging out here as foods and drinks bought outside are allowed. Fees are very affordable as well.

Today we’ve got all the reasons to go fishing: Roman came back from Canada for a couple of weeks vacation, Mike will be leaving for the US sometime next month, Manny’s birthday tomorrow; and lastly, Manny, Jhun and I are just taking time to relax and clear our heads from the looming closure of our company.

the fishing gang
Disclaimer: None of the fish were shot using the airsoft rifle.


My uncle who’s also into fishing passed away this week. Other than the fact that I was saddened by his sudden death, I was also shocked as I’ve been considering going back to his place sometime this year for a change of fishing experience: on a bangka and in the middle of the sea.

His death made me think that we are like fishes in the sea while God is the fisherman. Only he knows when he’ll take us while we spend our time wiggling our tails and fins while clueless of the bait. It takes just a snap and we’re gone, hanging by the hook, twitching helplessly in resistance and then facing the inevitable death. Sometimes he may have to catch and release though if he sees we are not yet fit to be taken–that’s being given the second chance.


The day will come when I’ll be fishing for jobs. I’m crossing my fingers that when the time comes for me to cast the bait, some employer will find it alluring to catch it. And hopefully, I’ll be fit and quick enough to reel it in.


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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