11 Random Facts About Me

Another blogger sent me a message on facebook saying that she tagged me as one of her Liebster Blog Awardees. Basically (ugh! I used the word, and another ugh for using the word ugh), I soon discovered that it is one of those chain thingy that I am not aware still exist. But since lately I’ve been full of excuses and out of writing ideas, I will gladly entertain the invitation. To start with, I am to write 11 random facts about me. Here goes:

1. I don’t dig piracy. I haven’t had a bootleg product since I stopped buying any of it more that 10 years ago. If I remember it right, the last pirated copy I bought was Tom Hanks’ Castaway and that crappy VCD was my turning point. By the way, software included. So please don’t be offended if I ignore any offer such as installing the latest Photoshop or Windows 8 for free. It’s just me.

2. I have to use my pants at least twice. If there’s one habit that I continue from my juvenile days, this must be it and the lazy bones inside me plus my drive to do my own share to conserve water compel me to do so. Save water, wear the same pair!

3. I have guested on Mornings @ ANC. There was a time when ABS-CBN badly needs patrollers to talk about BMPM. Back then, the acronym stands for Boto Mo i-Patrol Mo and despite not submitting an election-related video I was among the three who talked about the station’s citizen journalism program. BMPM now has thousands of active volunteers — my interview must have encouraged people to think, “I can speak a lot better than him.” Well, actually

4. I love strawberry shakes. With or without pizza, I would always welcome the opportunity to drink strawberry shakes. So far, the best among the rest is the one made by Shakey’s. Others, even from pricey restos, don’t come close.

5. Believe it or not, I hate lightning. And I have this unexplained feeling that it can find me if it strikes in the morning. I get comfortable though watching it streak across the sky at night.

6. I love getting extreme. Back in my younger days, I did BMX flatland. When I got employed, I went bungee jumping with friends in Subic. About a year before I got married, I skydived in Batangas. Me thinks, however, that zip lines are boring.

7. To future-proof myself, I invested time, effort, and money and eventually earned a Masters degree in Ateneo Rockwell. That experience made me rub elbows with great professors, managers, entrepreneurs, and people from different professions like lawyers, soldiers, priests,nuns, and doctors — among them, Dr. Kho. I am yet to apply what I learned.

8. Thanks to Top Gun, The Righteous Brothers’ you’ve lost that loving feeling is the likely karaoke piece I’d sing when cornered…and drunk. I’ve annoyed some colleagues once though by singing The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles.

9. People think I am opinionated, assertive, and conceited. Often times I believe them.

10. I have been in the US once. And I accidentally deleted all of my pictures. Thankfully, I emailed some to my friends and sister and these copies are all of what’s left of my week in Wisconsin.

11. I was once a spy, technically. I reported to HQ if the pizza was served cold, and if the chicken had a sloppy breading. The job was also my passport to free Haagen Dazs ice creams.

11. I laugh at simple jokes. Among my favorites is this: There are only three people in this world, the one who knows how to count and the one who doesn’t.

After the 11 random facts, the chain require me to answer 11 questions by the person who tagged me and then post 11 questions for the bloggers I will be tagging. Well, here’s another random fact about me: I really hate chain (but I have I have a separate blog just for it — Myspamblog.wordpress.com) so I will stop right here. Oops, my bad.

Sheila, my apologies for breaking the chain but thanks a lot as it has been my plan to write random facts about myself. And again, please give my regards to your sister Keren. The Peets coffee she used to send have been very helpful during the times when I have second thoughts of buying even a Nescafé.


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