Scrap Running

Just when we thought life is starting to get back to normal, the new norm at least, news all over tell us that this ain’t over yet.

Whenever I drive I can see that traffic is getting denser than it was in the past five months. Living close to the highway I observe that the road is beginning to show some activity. On my weekly trips to the market to get Marcus his broccoli and cauliflower, more recreational cyclists, weekend motorcycle riders, and motorists can be seen heading down south where the routes leading to scenic vacation spots are.

Personally, I too have been planning my own activities which I realized are all attempts to get me out of the house for a change. Not to mention break routine and boredom. To start, I have designed– with consent and support of Marcus and wifey, FYI–my tattoo. I want a half sleeve tattoo of Marcus’ games. I also have contacted a skydiving drop zone in Cebu and a scuba diving club in Anilao. Fly or dive, whatever. I just feel like I can do any of these anytime soon.

Not happening

There is also the supposedly doable running that I stopped doing in March when the quarantine period started. This past weekend and today I was getting ready to go out and run to finally complete the Star Wars virtual run I registered early part of this year. The virtual run has been pushed back a couple of times already from its initial May deadline to October 31 this time. I was so raring to log 40K on my Garmin.

Fresh news however remind us that the pandemic is still here. The most striking is about the POTUS getting tested positive for COVID-19. American Pres. Donald Trump who has been downplaying the severity of the virus is now part of the statistics of people who got infected with it. Then close to home, our local cable TV provider announced that several of its staff are under quarantine after getting exposed to COVID-19.

So there goes my plans. The risk of getting infected or being an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 is still high and I can’t afford Marcus getting sick just because of me doing something that isn’t really considered essential. These will have to wait until the vaccine becomes available. And the big question now is when. Big WHEN.


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (Back to home workouts.)


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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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