Black Cat

Black cat drawing using Android Paint app
Black cat drawing using Android Paint app

This is the second cat drawing by Marcus using the Paint app but I like the first one he did which was mistakenly not saved by wifey. This is also my first post, if successful, directly coming from the Paint app. (It didn’t work so I’m back to posting via Photobucket’s direct share link.)

Back in the days one the few ways to display a child’s drawing was Funny Komik’s This Is Your Page section. I think my mother got three of my drawings published. How I wish we were able to saved copies the comics we used to buy every week.


cats love playing with bags
We now know that cats love playing with bags. She is the inspiration of Marcus’ cat drawings.


Mood: 1/10 Honks! (Anxious to see typhoon Ruby out of the country.We are expecting it tomorrow.)


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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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