The Leaky Roof and I

This must be the worst leak I can recall. Since yesterday afternoon rain continues to pour hard and our roof is taking a beating. If I recall it right, this is the most number of leaks we have seen since we lived in this house.  Other than our kitchen’s ceiling where water has been seeping through mysteriously for years already, the drippity drop—thank you Dr. Seuss for the adjective—found its way in more location of our humble place.

Thanks but no thanks to the torrential rain courtesy of typhoon Maring as last night we have to deal with a bad leak on top of our bed. It continued on that it left me and wifey no choice but to wake Marcus up just so we can move the bed away from the spot where water has invaded our comfy sleeping area. Despite the early morning chaos, it’s a consolation that Marcus finds excitement in helping us move things such as his books, stuffed toys, and pillows, while I suppress so much frustration over our predicament. It took him a while to go back to sleep with me telling stories just to steer his attention away from the dripping ceiling.

As of this morning, we have water scoops, basins, and rags in three other places of the house and with rain still pouring, we might need to empty them soon or later. Ti abi.


Beside stray cats, I have been a regular visitor of our roof.  But the furry felines go there to play and bum around while me, to figure out the sources of the unexplainable leak.  In fact, two weeks ago I was there. I hammered loose nails and patched suspected holes. And last night, I learned that I need to be there again.

My handy helper attempting to join me on top of our roof.


For the 2nd Monday in a row, Marcus’ school suspended classes along with other schools as ordered by Cavite governor, Jonvic Remulla. In the past years, there have been proposals from lawmakers and concerned parties about changing the start of school year from June to September to avoid students incurring absences just because of the rainy months. It was a plan I used to believe will work.

The weather, however, has become more unpredictable and I now think that it would take more than just following the same time kids in the US go back to school to properly address the issue of attendance during bleak weather conditions. Education authorities must sit down and get their heads together to integrate in the curriculum contingency measures such as utilizing the internet and social media to compensate anything the students miss whenever classes are suspended.


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