10 Types of Facebook Likes

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Not all facebook Likes are the same and here are 10 types I have defined. Now see for yourself if you can relate to some of it.

  1. Peer-pressure Like. There  are days when you realize that you are the only one left who has not liked a friend’s status or post and you have no choice but to follow suit, else risk being called anti-social or worse, unfriended.
  2. Boss-says-so Like. (Not so) surprisingly, **s-kissing, like other one-celled organisms, has evolved with technology and it is now part of social media. And along with this Darwinian process are some people who came out thinking that their job performance depends on how frequent they have liked their boss’ status. They do this either consciously or unconsciously.  (Note: This person is usually the first ‘Liker.’)
  3. Contests Like. It is one of those Likes you do, just because a friend asked a favor to like a picture of his/her friend (including son, daughter, and other relatives)  who joined a photo contest, despite believing that the photo was badly photoshopped.
  4. Country’s-pride-at-stake Like. (Similar to Contests Like but in broader context.) In the spirit of unity and nationalism, you do this or—again—face the risk of being tagged as unpatriotic or apathetic. This has been a proven formula in winning Ms. Photogenic or Ms. Social Media awards.
  5. Finger-twitch Like. Usually happens when one is bored, annoyed, drunk, or just simply fidgety  and as a result has unintentionally clicked on the Like button. (Tip: Make someone smile, do not unlike.)
  6. Self-centered Like. Trust me, everyone has at least one friend who Likes his/her own status. (Please be cautious around them.)
  7. Commercial Like. Thanks to Zuckerberg’s need to maintain investors’ confidence, and stop facebook’s profit from dwindling any further,  ads and commercial pages have become so common. The number of Likes on these pages have been useful in measuring demographics and pinpointing market niche. (Someone somewhere out there knows that your 8-year old plans to buy next Fifty Shades of Grey. Be warned.)
  8. Poser LikeSadly, there are people who exploit the Commercial Like by clicking on pages with the only intent of letting their other friends know that they have just liked branded products such as Apple, Nike, Subaru, Louis Vuitton, etc.
  9. Pure Like, Rejoice! The good news is that this Like still exists although  leaning towards rarity or extinction. Until when this type of like will remain, I don’t know.
  10. Unlike. Period.

How about you? What other types of Likes can you define?


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Had adobo for lunch. Pure Like.)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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