Sad Day for Connecticut

I just woke up from my scheduled nap at work when the news at our pantry room made me feel nauseous — it’s déjà vu. The BBC breaking news was too familiar: another school shooting. And once again, in the US. Suddenly, Connecticut was like a mile away from the Philippines — the news rippled across. The sight of policemen and other authorities scrambling around the crime scene – a school campus –looks all too chilling.

The last time a school shooting happened, I was thinking that it’s just a matter of time when another one will take place again. And it did. But whatever the reasons are – bullying, bad parenting, bad community, TV influence, etc. – I cannot fully grasp. It is always hard to understand what would drive one from doing something evil especially to innocent children. It’s just sad day – 18 dead children, 18 grieving families. And to think that it will be Christmas soon.


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Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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