I saw dead people

I think this cannot wait November when normally stories about the para- normal can be heard all over. I have been holding on to telling all about these weird personal experiences and today must be the right time. Having worked in a semiconductor manufacturing company for several years, I cannot be considered as someone new to the world of graveyard shift. I’ve been there, done that but never in my entire life working during these unholy hours have I felt something so eerie.

The latest one happened just this week. Everything seems to be SSDD at work when past 1 AM, out of my peripheral vision I noticed someone standing nearby our workstation. I glanced the second time to check and yes I really think that I saw a bulky and dark figure but some remaining skepticism I have had me brush the whole thing off right after telling my colleague about it. The next night, however, I learned that another one from our group saw the same thing on the same exact spot. Ti abi.

But that is not the first time when I felt strange things happening around me. Believe it or not, other freaky experiences occurred even during broad daylight.

Several months ago, we were required to render overtimes and for a week I personally picked the post-shift slot to avoid driving through rush hour traffic. For two hours after 9 in the morning, I’d be left alone inside the totally silent production floor – no incoming calls, no chatty agents. During these times, it’s just me, the hum of my CPU, and the tapping sound of my keyboard. But not all the time.

There have been a number of instances when I have heard the distinct sound of someone dragging his (or her) shoes on the carpeted floor near the area where I work. I have even witnessed an ergonomic chair swivel as if an invisible agent just left in a hurry.

In another occasion, I was alone in the restroom brushing my teeth when all of a sudden the faucet right beside me dispensed water twice in a row like someone just passed their hands in front of the fixture’s electronic sensor.

On top of all these, ghostly manifestations can also be felt regularly in the only area in our office that remains dim most of the day – our sleeping quarters. In fact, I think I have gotten used to the creepy sensation that I can now stay there even while all alone occupying one of the rather comfortable Lazy Boy recliners. Or maybe it is my usual sleepy state during my lunch and end of shift periods that make me so willing to share space with whoever is there – visible or invisible.

So right now, while I have not really seen dead people (yet), I am beginning to think that there are other beings beyond our understanding that co-exist with us – at work, at home, or even inside our car while we drive. I know such thought of having them around may be freaky, however rather than losing our sanity thinking about it, we should start accepting the fact and open our eyes on the purpose of their existence. Besides, at the very least, won’t we live a boring life without these ghost stories? Do you have one?


Mood: 2/10 Honks! (The cable TV god granted my request. It’s now just me, wifey and HBO. Marcus is out for a sleepover.)


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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