You Give Blog a Bad Name

Like any ordinary Sunday in the social media world, yesterday’s Twitter was abuzz with a lot of different things from the lamest what-I-am-eating-right-now tweet to the more serious stuffs. One that caught my attention though is the discussion about a big bad blogger. Tweeps from all corners of the Philippines fired their 140-character long views on this intriguing issue and it went on from morning until night.

So who is this big bad blogger, anyway? What has her done to deserve a column in the Inquirer’s Sunday issue? As a blogger myself, I tried to see the news today while everyone on Twitter seems to have gotten their cool back—and have found other interesting topics worth their 140-character opinions.

After reading ”Please Don’t Give Blogging A Bad Name Name,” I was in disbelief. The article is absurd if not a total waste and it does not even qualify as good satire. Unbelievably, the column written by a seasoned writer doesn’t even have links to the review (blog) among other facts that could establish that such event has actually taken place. Had I read this somewhere in a tabloid, I would have understood. Had I read this in a book review, I would have thought that this is actually a part of a fictional story. But then again, it’s not.

At this point I also wonder what was going on inside the mind of the writer as she types away the first few lines of her article. No catchy topics? Running on a deadline? Was it about the amount of money that a fictitious PR firm has been trying to extort from the equally fictitious restaurateur? Or was she thinking that bloggers are all alike and that a bad food (no pun intended) review will actually taint all bloggers in the world? Your guess is just as good as mine. If this article is a prelude to more exposes then fine.

Until then, in my opinion, this article is anything but worthwhile. Whatever the reasons are for the article is unknown. However, one thing is certain: the article “Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name” has in fact given blogging a good name. It is through this that those unfamiliar with it will read and soonr realize that bloggers aren’t slave to anyone. Some bloggers may be bad, but definitely it shows that bloggers (most) are free. Bloggers will blog anything under the sun, with or without money, and whether we like it or not. That’s blogging madam, just in case you forgot.


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Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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