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Even before I can catch up with what I’ve read from Janette Toral’s book, Blogging from Home, which I bought a couple of weeks ago, comes more info from her Twitter account (@digitalfilipino). This time, at least, I got “fresh” updates and was able to immediately try both of it. Janette Toral shared the following cool Twitter tools that tracks (or stalk?) a user’s Twitter activity.


Here’s one coming from which perfectly reflects the surge of my Twitter activity at the height of typhoon Ondoy. I was among those who felt hopeless and guilty about not being able to help the typhoon victims as news about them appear on TV and on Twitter-verse. For those stuck at home, like me who is lucky not to be affected by the flood, the only contribution is to spread via re-tweets (RT) the information coming from those on the field like media men, public officials, and celebrities whose network of tweeps help spread the critical info, updates and pleas for help. Re-twitting somehow lessened the guilt. Twitteranalyzer also shows indicators like who mentioned your tweets, who’s tweet you have RTed the most, trending topics, etc.


This next one is by It’s a little bit simpler than twitteranalyzer but shows informative data as well. What I find amusing though is that it indicates how social a user is. It say’s I’m 60% social. Hmm. What does it take to be 100%? Let’s see in the next days to come. Twitter, here I come.


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Sun was up, food was great, had a couple of beers and the whole time I was with my family – that to me is what Sundays should be.)


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