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Just like almost everyone this year, I too had my own resolutions regarding cutting expenses. I came up with most of these even months before the end of 2008 while some are still in the works as I listen and read thru New Year suggestions that are up to this day is just all around every media – from print, TV, radio and even in homilies during the Sunday masses.

Among the many unwritten resolutions I have is to stop buying newspapers especially during the weekends. I’m thinking that if I do this then I’d spare Php 40 a week multiplied by 52 times a year would give me around Php 2000 savings. Not bad, huh? This amount could make 20 relatives happy by the next Christmas time. Now before you start thinking how a terrible gift giver I am, I’m breaking that resolution anyway.

It really seems I can’t get away with buying these dailies even with the option to read the news online. There’s still something about holding and reading a newspaper while in front of the breakfast table or sofa alongside a perfect breakfast. Having said that,  I won’t go totally paperless any time soon.

What I like about having the real newspaper is that I can go thru any page or section anytime I want to without being under the mercy of my computer’s speed or worse, of my DSL provider’s. I also don’t have to deal with the jerky mouse and monitor glare. There are just some things in this world that new technology can’t beat, for now. Besides, has anyone ever heard of someone getting carpal tunnel syndrome for reading a paper newspaper? Now isn’t that one good reason to spend 20 pesos?

The only problem though with buying a newspaper is that lately, its contents or articles have degraded for my taste. It’s either that there’s really no good news to fill the majority of the pages or there’s really no other news to be printed. Maybe today’s an exception. Today’s edition redeems The Philippine Star.

Expressions peeve

Scott R. Garceau in his regular section, The X-Pat Files, had my heart thumping with anticipation as I read thru his article – Expressions that gotta go this 2009. He listed several words or expressions that he finds irritating and when he mentioned “…it doesn’t take more than a few hours of trawling the blogs to spot ‘em…” it had me thinking if I’d find the same words in my blog. OMG!

One that got my attention was “This 2009 (or Last 2008).” I can’t remember where exactly I’ve read about this but the use of This or Last followed by a date might be indeed wrong. The appropriate word to use would be On like in On Dec 31, 2008. Unfortunately, more people even professional writers still use This or Last. Now, it’s another person (and an American) saying that it’s wrong. So, for me it’s farewell This and Last.

Other words that I totally agree should be scrapped and buried for good are shortcuts such as OMG, WTF and showbiz words such as starrer, comebacking, and guesting. And while I’m at it, I suggest to stop calling our local and old singers Diva – if there are words that trigger my migraine, this is one of them.

Very Guilty

Another remarkable article today is from Nelson T. Dy’s “Guilty As Charged.” This one discussed how criticisms in the workplace should be taken especially if coming from your boss. How can I not relate to it when just a month ago I had several discussions with my manager? Good thing that what Mr. Dy mentioned in his column are what I’ve done so far.

The following are his suggestions on how to make the best out of these criticisms:

Abandon your pride. Instead of becoming defensive, one must be humble enough and think why was he was criticized in the first place.

Adopt a learning attitude. Most people’s tendency especially when new to a working group or a company is try to exude so much confidence as if they knew everything. Often times, this is good as they say that first impressions last. However, on the contrary, I learned that sometimes this is just not the case. Sometimes, it is good to tell upfront any help that you need (from your peers, manager or support group) instead of nodding and making people believe that you know everything. Believe me, it’s based from my own experience.

Assume the best motives from your critic.  Working in a company where every employee is trained to give constructive confrontation, I’ve come to accept feedbacks whatever they may be – well, most of the time. It’s one trait that I’m proud of. But it could have been actually better if these feed- backs were done on time and that’s another story.

Not only that Mr. Dy had me relate his advice to my work, but he had me think twice about my driving. And how was that possible? It’s because his example in assuming the best motives from critics is about driving. He said, “…imagine if you are driving your car in the expressway. Another driver suddenly cuts into your lane. You slam on the brakes and blare your horn. You fume and curse the other driver for being such a reckless idiot. But suppose you discover that he is rushing a loved one to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. I bet your attitude will change.” I’m now reflecting if how I can make some resolutions on the way I drive.

Another good one from Jim

One of the author’s that I regularly read for his thought-provoking articles is Jim Paredes. His article today, In love with books, wouldn’t have made more sense to me had he not mention about his children’s fondness with books and how they got into it from the very beginning.

He wrote about his children being eager readers since they were just kids. Jim said, ”Very early on, even before they were one year old, I made sure that I read books to them at bedtime, or when they were in the proper mood to be quiet and still to just look at the pages and listen to words or even verses of poetry.” Likewise, he quoted literary artist, Emilie Buchwald,“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

All this made me feel that what I’m trying to do every night for our baby boy is after all the path that he would sooner or later thank me for.

Becoming a fan

In my blog, I rarely (or haven’t?) discussed about having some crush or being a fan of a local celebrity. But on the Starweek mag’s cover today is Karylle whom I have to admit has become one of the stars who captured my attention. It must have something to do with my regular viewing of TV patrol which of course includes showbiz news where I saw her featured often. I was never a fan at first as I find her appeal something from the retro era. But it looks like that her smile and face will be regularly seen this year. So when the article mentioned that this singer/actress may indeed be one hot chick to look out for in 2009, I think I would have to agree.


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