Filipino Game Shows: Deal or No Deal?

One thing I have to contend with during vacation is giving up from time to time to my wife’s favorite TV shows. I don’t know what attracts her and other Filipinos from watching it but despite the seemingly lack of substance or excitement from these local channels’ programming, these shows nevertheless garner a large percentage of the viewing public if the surveys are to be trusted. For most pinoys, lunch and dinner times aren’t complete without these.

There’s the ever repeating plots of the telenovelas where the characters (and their nationality) and settings changes but not the story; the local game shows that breed more ignorance rather than educate the masses; and of course, there’s the national news reports that dwell mostly on the repetitive political turmoil, killings of the hoodlums (thieves, drug pushers, kidnappers, etc.), endless motorcycle riders accidents and any other reports that one would find in a tabloid instead of a reputable newspaper. Sometimes, I believe that these local networks insert subliminal messages in between their TV shows that possess the viewing public.

As much as I hate to admit it, however, I’m starting to appreciate (cue OMG) a couple of what I then consider as mababaw entertainment. A couple I can now name are Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba and Deal or No Deal. But please, SWS and ABS-CBN don’t count me in yet as I’m still picky of the episodes. I know you can do better than what you currently have.

I recently learned (from wifey) that Game Ka Na Ba is doing a fairly strict screening of its participants. It looks like there’s truth to it since I saw that the trivia questions require a bit of thinking to answer it. Or is it just me? I’m now wondering if to be considered intelligent someone like me needs to add the knowledge on trivial matters in Filipino current events, celebrity news and history. Am I doomed for not caring about all these stuffs? Because frankly speaking, the last time I had an interest in such was way back when I was in school.

In Deal or No Deal, I seem to enjoy its recent episodes. Not only that I wish I’d get a million this way, but I’m amused to see how different people deals with the game banker’s offer. Although this is one game of luck, it cannot be taken lightly. Some kind of analysis had to be done under several pressure factors: family and friends, the studio audience, the looks and firm smiles of the lovely girls holding the cases, the show’s host, and the banker. Without any doubt, above all these, there’s time pressure to beat. In the end it’s not about getting the case containing the one million pesos figure, but it’s all about how you analyze your chance of winning once you decide against the banker’s offer if it’s a deal or no deal.


Relax my anti-Filipino game/TV show friends (you know who you are), this blog is not a prelude to patronizing all the local networks’ broadcast. This is just an acknowledgement that there is indeed something to learn from if you look at it from another point of view. Just remember, one key here is not immediately giving up when you see Kris Aquino shout the words, “Deal or No Deal.” You’ll get over with it soon. Hahaha. But if you’re asking if I’m watching telenovelas tonight, forget it. I’m a solid no. Unless….


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