Life is like a bullet

My recent obsession with photography got me back in Here I’ve learned some tips from enthusiasts who spent time, effort and money to satisfy their craving for at least one nice shot.

Re-visiting the site put a smile on my face when I saw the last photos I posted prior to the Basic Photography class. This set made me proud of my (dark) self. I call this one ‘Life is like a bullet.’ And here’s how the story goes.

Bullets have goals too. To serve their purpose they need to be fired–come to think of it, they’ll be the only ones who won’t raise an eyebrow in front of Donald Trump when he says, “You’re fired!”

The goal

The way into the goal must be identified.

The way.

Like people, some bullets are real…

The real deal.

.. And some bullets aren’t. They are the posers.


Unfortunately, the posers in our midst do have the same ambition like us. Sometimes they get in the way to reach our goal.

Ambitious guy.

And sometimes, they even find the gate ahead of us just a step short of achieving the main objective.

The interview.

Sooner or later though, someone will find out.


When the real deal takes over, it will make it to the headlines.



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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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