Basic Photography Day 2: The Shooting Continues

I haven’t been so pumped up and so ready to go somewhere since almost a month ago. Today, after a short stretch coming from bed and a short prayer for a good weather, I was like an eager child waiting to be picked up at the bus stop for a whole day of an exciting field trip.

A quick peek outside from the bedroom’s window, the reddish dawn sky gave me an immediate confirmation that today we’ll have much sun to exploit with for our photography activity. My wish was answered as quickly as a shutter can sharply capture an zooming F1 car. Now isn’t that photography-speak already?

Topics for today’s session are exposure, shutter speed, exposure triangle and exposure meters just to name a few. And fortunately, despite the jargons and the technicality behind each topic, my tiny Canon IXUS 70 didn’t fail me. Every moment during the class, I discovered more capabilities of this small wonder. I began to suspect that it is an EOS in a small package. And as a matter of fact, I enjoyed using it during most of our activities, both indoor and outdoor.

So let’s get over with the chatter and more of the shutters. Here’s how my day went with the tiny Ixzy–my IXUS’ pet name.

Note: some of the images below were post-processed–cropped and/or enhanced to remove noise brought about by settings in the manual mode. Other than these, everything else is approximately 95% of its original form.

day 2 photo rivera
Mr.   Benjie Rivera showing a student the point-and-shoot’s useful features.
day 2 slow down
Slow sunny crossing. Abet with his Beatles walk.
day perspective
Boulders by perspective.
day 2 rough lines
Three elements. An experiment with lines.
cliche gumamela
Is there future in floral arrangement?
wet leaves
Wet and green. Dew drops captured during the morning photo shoot.
long leaves
Green long leaves. Another experiment with foliage and lines.
Framed macro. Experiment with macro and vertical lines.
umbrella hook
No wet umbrellas for today.
one cup
It started with one…
more cups
…and ended with three. All the coffee it takes to keep up.



pasta shot
The picture doesn’t not justify the taste. Wifey’s treat at home.

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I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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