There’s a Word for it

Words don’t come easy

I’ve been one of the subscribers of and its recent theme has been quite interesting. Last week is about words that surprisingly refer to something you thought never existed. The words are so new that even MS Word 2007 does not recognize it, hence the red crooked line underneath it when typed. Here’s a couple:

hypergelast – noun: (hy-PUHR-ji-last) One who laughs excessively (like me?)

skeuomorph – noun: (SKYOO-uh-morf) A design feature copied from a similar artifact in another material, even when not functionally necessary. For example, the click sound of a shutter in an analog camera that is now reproduced in a digital camera by playing a sound clip.

serein – noun: (suh-RAN [the second syllable is nasal]) Fine rain falling from an apparently cloudless sky, typically observed after sunset.

This week’s theme is getting more interesting – Words about words, it’s like work about work, which reminds me…

Working for the unemployed

I learned some time last week that there are actually jobs that cater to the unemployed or soon-to-be unemployed. Now how cool is that job especially now that the U. S. economy is on a rapid decline. And out of my wild thoughts, I came up with some other jobs that may thrive during this economic slump:

  1. Psychologists (or shrink) that help people recover from one career transition to
  2. Lawyers who assist to employees’
  3. Plastic products They range from cling wraps, bubble packs, and to other packing materials intended to safe keep machines in warehouses. I believe they also make hard hats.
  4. Paper Do termination papers and envelopes sound familiar? Yes they make those.
  5. Paracetamol These days to come will surely be headache days.
  6. Bloggers. You know what I mean, right?
  7. Hobby and Sports shops. With some severance pays coming in just like winning lotto, new unemployed persons will come in throngs to check what’s for them to kill time while on a job hunt. Hmm. I think I need new badminton rackets this time.

Last Smashing Tournament

Smashing! At least I’d like to believe so but it wasn’t the case. Last week, we joined what seems to be the last badminton tournament for our company. No wonder most were smashing their way to victory. It was pent up energies turned into whipping racket hits.

I had my own reserved energies supposedly to be unleashed during the game but my partner and I fell short of expectations and got smashed instead. We’ve been playing for quite some time but not as partners in men’s doubles game and to mention that we’re placed in level B (reasons, excuses). Additionally, I paid the price for my 3-week layoff from badminton. We just did not have the chemistry; we did not have the play; and we got in the zone too late to win a game. Don’t get me wrong though, as surprisingly we enjoyed the later part of the matches despite losing twice in a row. Next time we will do better. We promised to play under the bum team. Is 365 days of practice, enough?

The next day of the tournament was better. My partner played again, this time in mixed doubles game. They played well enough that they scored a couple of points higher than the other team by the middle of the first game. Unfortunately, game pressure took its toll and both committed more errors as the game progresses. Another loss.

Level A flight?

The second game was another story. They soon find their coordination and won. Not bad.  I was their self-proclaimed coach. Hahaha.

“Insider” badminton player.

Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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