In Pursuit of Happyness, Live…

I’m watching In Pursuit of Happyness right now and this is my second time after we watched it in the big screen months ago. I have a list of movie favorites that I’d love watching over and over again but this one is not among those. Funny though that this time I’m paying attention.

Since this is like reporting a news live from the scene, I’m taking notes as much as I can and will feed it as soon as possible just like our national news (ABS-CBN and GMA alike) reports trivial things such a fallen motorcycle rider in North Luzon Expressway as if people down in Mindanao cares.

“You’re live in 1, 2….” Good evening, here are some fascinating facts I captured anew from this movie re-run in HBO:

  1. The main character’s name is Chris (played by WillSmith) like mine.
  2. He has a Rubik’s Cube and solved it after several minutes with a potential employer inside the taxi Well, I hate to brag but I can do better. Hahaha. So I’m now considering writing in my resume, the following:

Other Skills:

  • Can write
  • Can solve the Rubik’s Cube in 3 minutes or less
  1. He is jobless. Hmm. Not me…yet.
  2. DOS (I noticed that office computers have the green screen) is the “IN” thing then, just like Windows Vista is today.
  3. Sometimes, using the words probably and possibly might have a different To prove this I checked my trusted sources, MS Word’s synonym feature and The former shows that possibly is synonymous with probably. however clearly defines that the two are somehow different from one another. Note to self: I will probably find a job soon–all fingers and toes crossed.
  4. Chris’ son inspired him to strive more. TBD, for (Trivia: Real life father and son, Will and Jaden Smith played the role of father and son in this movie.)

In the end, Chris’ pursuit of happyness came true. After all his hard work, embarrassment and perseverance, he founded the Gardner Rich and had a stake at a multi-million dollar company.

By the way, Chris ended as a broker…



Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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