Destined to Blog?

I have not been into my top form lately and been desperately trying to convince my body to go back to the gym or spend some time playing badminton with my friends. But then since almost three weeks ago I’m in the state where the cliché the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak applies. Just lazy in short.

So to entertain myself I’ve been at the mercy of technology. If I’m not in front of the sofa watching TV, I’d be in front of my PC killing time by surfing the net,blog-hopping, lurking forums,etc. The bright side here is that while my body is waiting for it to be in action, my mind is enjoying its time in front of the PC and I think it has taken quite an interest in reading blogs. This time more intently, more geeky.

Instead of self-pity for not being in the court or on a treadmill doing 5K, I began to feel contented feeding my mind, if not overload it, with info from the World Wide Web. I started visiting more blog sites, participated in blog forums, and reviewed some basic grammar—a never ending quest. Additionally, I felt like I’m seeing some potential in monetizing my blogs. These sites must have been some sort of premonition as today I officially become a dead-employee-walking-man. Today, I start counting down my time out of corporate life. Ninety days from now, I’d be free, I’d be jobless. Thankfully, I won’t be money-less at least for a good 6 months. I guess.

For now the question is, Am I destined to blog? Whatever the answer is, I’d like it to be yes.  And if it is yes, I’d like myself to be paid for doing so. Hopefully, I’ll start small and hopefully I’ll at least earn an amount just enough keep me from being tagged as a full-fledged bum — well, that’s the plan. I love writing, I love blogging. It’s something to keep me occupied after I’m done potty training our baby (to be). Now where is my red English writing book? If killing time is a crime, then consider me a serial killer in the days to come.


For the past few weeks, I’ve frequented the wordpress pinoy community and I saw its improvement today. I love the way it looks now as it has a more WordPress feel to it than before.

old wpp

This is not the exact look of the site but a cached version from my new search engine -homepages friends. This too, pays. How?

new wpp

Then the site improved and new theme is better. Anything that shows a cup of coffee is attractive for me.




Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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