Earth Hour 2008

I have just participated in the Earth Hour. From 8-9 PM our house was in total darkness with only the light from the street post beaming through the window. I was hesitant at first to turn the TV off as I was watching the show Shocking Video: Deadly Force (it always fascinates me to see cops emptying their guns on hooligans but that’s another story) but good thing it ended at exactly 8 PM. Seriously, I’d end watching it, finished or not finished just to do my share.

Since my wife was out, I was left out alone and was thinking what to do outside while killing time. So I tried sending an SMS to some of my friends reminding them to observe the lights out activity. Out of the 20 plus contacts five actually replied that they too have their lights off. Great. At least I’m not the only person looking up to the heavens and trying to appreciate its natural beauty (haven’t done that for a long time). I think I’m the only person in our neighborhood who observed Earth Hour 2008 so I find it nice to know that somewhere out there are some of my friends doing the same thing. I now wonder how many joined and how much energy was saved.


Author: crisn

I'm Cris Nacionales from the Philippines.

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