Itsy Bitsy Sunday

There are so many things going on inside my head that posting tid bits of info would be best for today. So before I dig into the fridge and search what’s for lunch, here we go.

Short term and long term plans

As I’m finally counting down to the inevitable bumhood, I now have the following plans:

Short term:

  1. Prep up the sofa for employment
  2. Polish the remotes (TV, audio, aircon).
  3. Upgrade the PC
  4. Blog, blog, and blog.

Long term:

  1. Learn, learn, and learn how to raise a kid.
  2. Fix the leak in the roof.
  3. Find a job.


Writer’s cramp

While reading my favorite newspaper, The Philippine Star, I can’t help but notice that Francis J. Kong and Bum D. Tenorio, Jr. just posted email clippings for most of their articles. These two are among the daily’s writers whose articles I usually read before the others. Sometimes, however, it intrigues me to see them cut and paste forwarded emails as if just to make the required word count and get paid for it. Is this their workaround to writer’s cramp?


Philippine F1, anyone?

The recent F1 Singapore which is F1′s first night race shut my hopes for the Philippines to get significant publicity over our Asian neighbors. Well, I’d like to help raise this bid to conquer the F1 scene like nobody has done before. Why not have the first real live F1 street race in the Philippines. This time there would be no modification on the roads or clearing up of vehicles on the streets. Imagine how these F1 cars perform against our buses, jeepneys, some mad motorcycle drivers and our suicidal jaywalkers.

Paging FIA, interested? Oh by the way, no more G. H. Mumm ceremony, let’s use San Miguel Grande beer at the podium.


Misery loves company

There are days I would ponder if who else got problems besides me. Here are some of the people and their problems they’re facing right now.

George Bush: America’s economy. If this doesn’t make one stutter, what will?

Benjie de Lara: A 6-year-old boy with a fourth stage cancer. Want to help? Contact his mother Elenita at 09293289591 or donate thru the Star’s Operation Damayan. Call 527-7901 and look for Millet Dioso.

Filipino veterans: They’re not getting their pensions. I assume that one American congressman’s grandfather might have been in hand to hand combat with a Filipino during the Filipino-American war.

Senator Manny Villar: Questionable double funding for a C5 project. So what’s new? I think he can handle that.

Chinese milk manufacturers: Does Melamine rings a bell? And count me in as one of those angry at this SNAFU. Now I’d have to think twice before I eat my favorite White Rabbit candy. At least the female cows in China are free from breast suction gadgets for the meantime. The male cows I know are now smiling broadly. Mooooo.

Fat policemen: The new PNP chief Jesus Versoza is out to revive fitness consciousness to these pugad baboy characters. Any tremors on the next few weeks won’t come from below. Its origin will most likely be from PNP camps around the nation.

Philippine Olympians: Most of the officials are staying put especially Aventajado who is running for another term as the Philippine Olympic Committee’s chairman. Where was he when our athletes went down on bended knees during the recent Beijing Olympics? I bet Aventajado was beside the Chinese team during the awarding thinking that these are our tsinoy delegates.

Jessica Zafra: Her laptop keyboard is filled with cat fur. I’d like this to be my problem.

Tanya T. Lara: Sunburn while in Manhattan. Let this one also be mine.

Obama and McCain: Waiting game for the U. S. presidential seat.

Kimi Raikkonen: Hated the rain. Hated the night race. My wife still likes him though. Is this a sign that I should block all Kimi tags and searches in our computer? Damn, she’s got her own laptop.

Tingting Cojuangco: Freaking out over wrinkles and Alzheimer’s.

Lucy Torres-Gomez: Misses having dates with Richard Gomez. Hmm.

Hagar: Helga

Archie: Veronica and Betty

Mr. Wilson: Dennis theMenace

Hey, I must have skipped the other sections and got stuck in the Philstar’s comic section. The last three people I posted with problems are comic characters. Sorry about that. Time to have lunch.



Big Fan of Breakfast

Just a couple of hours after the sunbeams peaked out of the clouds I declared my day complete already. Why? Because I had a great breakfast courtesy of wifey. It’s been a whole week of patiently waiting for this moment and today she did it.

Wifey is not known to be a morning person and often times I’d give her a couple of minutes to move after I purposely jump out of bed to wake her up. She must have some Garfield blood that makes her cling unto the pillows despite any disturbance and even if the sun rays penetrate the curtains. But it was with the pledge ‘…for better or for worse…’ that I learned to adapt to the personality somehow.

The good thing though about her hibernation during day-offs is that it enables her to store energy to cook. This morning was like watching the Rachel Ray show but with the difference that this one doesn’t have any takes or cuts. This live cooking talent demo by wifey is spontaneous. Once in the kitchen, she can prep up the stove and pans, slice and dice the spices, and eventually come up with a good meal usually just within a 30-minute time frame. Today’s breakfast could make UCC Cafe or Pancake House a run for their money. Two thumbs to you wifey. You really know the way to my heart.

Picture doesn’t do justice but trust me this olives omelet made my day.

Treasure Hunting After Four

Having started reporting to work (back) on a regular shift this week, I started to appreciate once again the perks of going home after a 7-4 work day. I’ve spent almost half of my employment life in my current job enjoying this time scheme. Not until I moved to the 12-hour shift just more than a year ago, being assigned from night shift to day shift and vice versa every other two weeks.

Now I’m free (to be more free in three months) again and this gives me lots of time to kill. I’m back to doing things such as watching our local news that has become more like a slap fest as suspects are un-rightfully shamed in front of the media (one sane PNP leader has ordered to stop this practice), motorcycle accident count off (one news I’d like my wife to miss), and lately an inventory of Chinese milk products that seem to get more every news update. Being home every 4 PM makes me feel like a normal parent (soon, soon). Yesterday, I was able to do my wife’s long standing wish of placing Christmas lights around our live pine tree right in front of our home.

Of course, since I now have the freedom to choose what I’d like to do by afternoon, I now have the time to give more focus on blogging. I’ve been doing this for more than two years already although in 2008 I’ve done it more frequently. Next year, I may run out of ideas as I’d like to spend more time at home before I go out and join the thousands of job hunters but then again a baby at home may just bring more light bulb moments. Hopefully.

One of the fascinating things with blogging other than being able to expand my network is discovering lots of things that seem unthinkable to ordinary to other people outside the blogging world. Anyone heard of treasure hunting thru the web log? Well, at least for me this is a new one. The last time I joined a treasure hunting contest was way back in Boracay with my wife — it’s more of an Amazing Race-like game but still a treasure hunting activity in context.

Frankly speaking, I don’t fully understand yet what is at stake here but I’m joining it nevertheless. Who knows, I might find a new treasure in this contest after all. Wish me luck.

WPP Treasure Hunting Contest Sponsors:

Postscript: I wasn’t supposed to be qualified to join this contest as one of the rules require a WPP member to have at least 100 post and despite my best effort to meet it, I was only able to have 49 on the deadline. Now after giving up and just contended to check out the forums, I was so happy when I read that they’re extending it and changing the post requirement to only 50 (my last reply counted as another 1 post. Hahaha.)

Corporate Lessons from the Bible

Today is Sunday. Just another Sunday and I’m tempted to call it another SSDD—same Sunday different date. But it won’t be because this is the second Sunday since I’ve started paying more attention to priest’s homilies. I’m thinking that God is most likely looking at my logbook right now and chances are he must be writing another tick mark beside his many categories of me. I assume that this time I got one tick again for being unfair with a comment written beside it “in trouble and seeking help again.”

But that’s the good thing about God. At least it’s what I learned from my years under Catholic (surprised?) education in my elementary and high school years that no matter how his followers deviate away from him, he’s always (yes, ALWAYS) willing to accept anyone who repents and goes back under his care. Remember the parable of the prodigal son?

Before you find my posts reminiscent of some religious leader standing and speaking spastically in front of thousands of his followers, I’d like to cut it off. I know I’m not the best man to write about this topic (and many of my friends would wonder if this is me writing) but right now I’m inspired of what I’ve heard for two successive Sundays already. It’s one of those times when I’d concede that the Bible is indeed the best book ever made.

Last week’s gospel was about the landowner who picked several laborers to work in his vineyard. These groups of men were however picked on three different times of the day. The first group got going early morning, the second were made to work by midday and the last group was hired and started working late in the afternoon. The catch of this parable comes when the landowner called all the men to be paid of their day’s work. The payment was done starting from those who were hired late then to those who came in during the first hours of the harvest. Unbelievably, the landowner paid all three groups the same amount of money. And as anticipated, those who worked all day complained.

“These last ones worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us, who bore the day’s burden and the heat.” The landowner then explained, “My friend, I am not cheating you. Did you not agree with me for the usual daily wage? Take what is yours and go. What if I wish to give this last one the same as you? Or am I not free to do as I wish with my own money? Are you envious because I am generous?’ Thus, the last will be first, and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:1-16A)

On whose side would I be if were in that situation? But wait there’s more.

The next gospel is still from the book of Matthew and is similar to the first. Also set in a vineyard but this time it is about a man who had two sons. Each was given a task. But each had different response to it. The first one said “Yes, I will” while the other said “No, I won’t.”Later, however, the one who answered yes did not go and on the other hand the one who declined had a change of heart and eventually went to perform the task.

Now the question Jesus asked is: “Which of the two did his father’s will?” They people answered, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Amen, I say to you, tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you. When John came to you in the way of righteousness, you did not believe him; but tax collectors and prostitutes did. Yet even when you saw that, you did not later change your minds and believe him.” (Matthew 21:28-32)

If the first gospel confused and made me think for a while, the second was equally puzzling. Both gospels though made me realize that whether we’re living in the period when leather sandals is the fad and tax collection is considered the dirtiest job (other than the oldest job, prostitution) or if we are now in the present under the era of Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Chinese milk manufacturers, the rule (and reasoning) that most corporations are following are eerily the same. That is, they pay you whatever they deemed fair and your answer to their expectations just won’t matter in the end. Believe it or not. Whether you like it or not, that’s corporate lessons from the Bible in your face.


Things (or People) To Avoid When Writing

I’m writing  an article and this is not supposed to be it. I drafted my first choice and set it aside for later retrieval and continuation as I can’t concentrate on how to properly compose it. I have made a lengthy piece but the words and phrases seem to be similar to that of a drunken line of ants. No go.

It left me no choice but to press CTRL+N–or in layman’s term, make a new post instead. As a release mechanism, what I’m doing now is share some of the distractions that need to be avoided or eliminated when writing. By the way, this is in no particular order. I repeat: In. No. Particular. Order.

  1. Clouded mind. It’s one thing I avoid when writing or even replying to emails. Blogging is like driving and a clouded thinking doesn’t give good judgment and direction. So avoid it if you can. Anger, frustrations, and depression are just some factors that will result to clouded thinking. To solve it, listen to your favorite music over the headset before and during a blog composition.
  2. TV. Boob tube. Turn it off unless your topic of choice is what you’re currently watching.
  3. Videoke. No point explaining this one. Pray for rain instead, it helps disperse your neighbor’s drunken party.
  4. Empty stomach. Write satiated if your topic is not about how it feels like to be hungry. Then lastly…
  1. The wife. Yes, that’s right. Wife. As lovely as she seems to be and might even contribute blog ideas, she on the other hand could be sneaky, unpredictable and a potent factor of ruining a good blog. If her mood isn’t right, she may even be the cause of unexplained deleted post or worse a deleted blog. To neutralize or tame this threat, I make sure that she’s fully asleep. But I still always remain cautious because a snore isn’t an indication of a deep sleep. I’m always prepared of any sudden or unsuspecting pillow movement as that may prove that she’s sneaking behind watching for that telltale sign that of a naughty blog.

Although, this isn’t the complete list, these distractions are often the reason my fingers freeze, mind stops running and usually makes me end up sleeping beside my lovely, sneaky wifey. Not bad after all. Ti abi.


Posting From Microsoft Office Word 2007

I love Bill Gates. I love Microsoft. No, this isn’t obsession but just a recent appreciation of how MS Word 2007 makes life more convenient for bloggers. I was hesitant at first to use this feature as I’m one paranoid especially when a pop-up asks me about my personal info including my password. Previous training (and common sense) tell me that passwords should never be shared. Only the paranoid survive. Yes?

MS login
I dread options like this more than not having a helmet while on a motorcycle.

Come to think of it though at some point of our lives, and if some are still not aware of it, we just have to give our trusts to other people especially now that information technology is unavoidable. Gone are the days when browsing through files in the filing cabinet is cumbersome. And nowadays it’s not only those nerdy (pardon the word, but some people appreciate it when they called nerdy) IT people that holds your life’s info in their hands. Does Big Brother ring a bell? And so you’ll wonder who these people are anyhow? Let me name a few and their respective potentials.

  1. Network admins – they have the privilege to access your emails, blogs and any other IT-related matters. I consider them the highest threat in the exchange of information. That’s why most of them are among the highest paid positions other than nurses.
  2. Credit card companies – they know how you spend, know what you buy (and your compulsion), what’s your salary and any other financial info you’ve submitted to them when you applied for that unarmed robber inside your wallet.
  3. Your friendly doctor or physician – they know your body more than you do unless you’ve personally probed your behind to look for lumps (ouch!).
  4. NBI (or FBI in the US) – they know your fingers better and has the capability to exchange it with someone else’s. So be extra careful with your fingerprints among soooo many other things that could be taken against you.
  5. Morgue personnel – morbid as it may seem, they are the least of your worries for unavoidable embarrassment. You know what I’m talking about. At least, your next of kin will be the one who will entrust you to them.

(That’s funny, but when I typed the title I never knew that I’ll somehow end up relating it to the last bullet. It must be a result of another bloody CSI episode this week.) 

Anyway, getting back to the topic, since it’s imminent that I’ll be spending quite some time blogging in the days to come, I finally have to give in (again) to entrusting my secret alphanumeric code–a.k.a passwords to those behind this MS Word 2007 feature of publishing a blog directly without having to open an internet. It’s a compromise, I give my trust to them and they give me the publish menu in my MS Word in return. That’s just the way it works.

word 2007
Wordstar was simpler.

And today, while the Jetman is probably still fast asleep after setting the first English channel crossing by using his wing invention, I on the other hand is celebrating in my own petty way for having my first blog published thru MS Office Word 2007. To each his own.

Posting Word

Not Guinness book-worthy, but a record nevertheless.

Destined to Blog?

I have not been into my top form lately and been desperately trying to convince my body to go back to the gym or spend some time playing badminton with my friends. But then since almost three weeks ago I’m in the state where the cliché the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak applies. Just lazy in short.

So to entertain myself I’ve been at the mercy of technology. If I’m not in front of the sofa watching TV, I’d be in front of my PC killing time by surfing the net,blog-hopping, lurking forums,etc. The bright side here is that while my body is waiting for it to be in action, my mind is enjoying its time in front of the PC and I think it has taken quite an interest in reading blogs. This time more intently, more geeky.

Instead of self-pity for not being in the court or on a treadmill doing 5K, I began to feel contented feeding my mind, if not overload it, with info from the World Wide Web. I started visiting more blog sites, participated in blog forums, and reviewed some basic grammar—a never ending quest. Additionally, I felt like I’m seeing some potential in monetizing my blogs. These sites must have been some sort of premonition as today I officially become a dead-employee-walking-man. Today, I start counting down my time out of corporate life. Ninety days from now, I’d be free, I’d be jobless. Thankfully, I won’t be money-less at least for a good 6 months. I guess.

For now the question is, Am I destined to blog? Whatever the answer is, I’d like it to be yes.  And if it is yes, I’d like myself to be paid for doing so. Hopefully, I’ll start small and hopefully I’ll at least earn an amount just enough keep me from being tagged as a full-fledged bum — well, that’s the plan. I love writing, I love blogging. It’s something to keep me occupied after I’m done potty training our baby (to be). Now where is my red English writing book? If killing time is a crime, then consider me a serial killer in the days to come.


For the past few weeks, I’ve frequented the wordpress pinoy community and I saw its improvement today. I love the way it looks now as it has a more WordPress feel to it than before.

old wpp

This is not the exact look of the site but a cached version from my new search engine -homepages friends. This too, pays. How?

new wpp

Then the site improved and new theme is better. Anything that shows a cup of coffee is attractive for me.